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Comparing Shelving Racks and Storage Systems for Your Business Needs

PIX warehouse storage Pick bin

Warehouse shelving racks and warehouse storage systems play a pivotal role in optimising space, enhancing operational efficiencies, and creating organised inventory management systems. Various types of warehouse storage systems exist to cater to different needs. These include:

  • Pallet racking: For example selective, drive-in, and push-back racks for bulk storage and efficient use of overhead space.
  • Cantilever racks: Ideal for storing long awkward items like pipes or lumber.
  • Mezzanine systems: These add extra floor space by using all available vertical space.
  • Shelving units: Can be riveted, boltless and wire constructed for smaller items.
  • Automated shelving systems: These use robotics to retrieve and move goods.

Identifying Your Business’s Unique Storage Needs

Every business has its own unique types and sizes of inventory, as well as turnover rates and operational requirements. By choosing the right storage system you can maximise use of space, streamline workflows, and reduce operational costs. Businesses with high SKU turnover, for example, might benefit from selective pallet racking, while those handling bulk goods might be better using drive-in racks.

Ecommerce businesses:The need for Smart and flexible storage solutions

Ecommerce companies have unique storage requirements due to their dynamically changing inventory, high turnover of SKUs, differing order sizes, and need to fulfil orders rapidly. Ecommerce stock is impacted by seasonal fluctuations and promotions, so smart systems like automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) can help companies adapt.

Automated pickers can also be invaluable for accelerating the fulfillment process, while high density systems like PALLITE® PIX® warehouse solutions can help to maximise storage space where space is limited. PALLITE® PIX systems are easy to assemble and stack away when not in use.

3PLs: The demand for modular and adaptable storage systems

Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) are turning to modular and adaptable warehouse storage systems to cope with diverse inventories and changing customer requirements. Adjustable pallet racking, mezzanine flooring and configurable shelving allow 3PLs to efficiently accommodate varying sizes of products.

Modular systems that can be reconfigured quickly add to operational flexibility and streamline the inventory management process.

Clothing retailers:Managing inventory with smart shelving systems

Clothing retailers need to adapt to seasonal fluctuations and accommodate different sizes and types of clothing. Modular systems enable quick reconfiguration to cope with changing inventories.

Modular setups also facilitate organised segregation of shoes and accessories and empower retailers to meet changes in market demands, whilst minimising storage costs and ensuring effective inventory control.

Businesses with mezzanines: The importance of lightweight storage solutions

Businesses with mezzanines require efficient storage solutions that align with structural limitations. Mezzanines provide extra space but have weight constraints. Lightweight storage solutions like wire warehouse shelving racks and rivet shelving prevent overloading and maintain structural integrity. These systems can distribute weight evenly and ensure compliance with mezzanine systems.

Similarly PALLITE® PIX® lightweight warehouse storage systems can reduce the risk of structural issues, enhance safety and prevent costly damage. They optimise storage capacity and maximise mezzanine space without compromising on safety or operational efficiencies.

Businesses with seasonal peaks: The benefit of easily built/removed storage solutions

Companies facing seasonal peaks need storage solutions that can be quickly set up and disassembled to adapt to changing inventory levels. This flexibility avoids the need for permanent infrastructure changes and keeps costs down. By swiftly adjusting storage capacities businesses can effectively manage surges in demand and ensure inventory management is as efficient as possible.

pix, pix slots and pix xl bin box

Evaluating and Choosing the right storage solution for your business

To identify the right storage solutions for your business consider the following:

  • Inventory analysis: Understand your products, turnover rates and any special requirements
  • Space utilisation: Measure your available space and evaluate storage options that maximise it
  • Operational flow: Analyse how different solutions align with your picking, packing and shipping processes
  • Scalability: Ensure your chosen solution can accommodate future growth and adapt to seasonal variations.
  • Accessibility: Prioritise easy access to frequently picked items for efficient order fulfilment
  • Budget: Compare the costs of various solutions including installation, maintenance and potential modification.
  • Flexibility: Opt for modular solutions that can adapt to changing needs without major alterations needed.
  • Tech integration: Find solutions that can integrate with inventory management systems and automation.

PALLITE® PIX® – Options for every warehouse

PALLITE® PIX® offers versatile honeycomb cardboard warehouse storage solutions that cater to a wide variety of warehouse needs. There’s a diverse range of products to choose from including PALLITE®PIX®  pallets, PIX®  bins, PIX®  warehouse shelving systems, and PIX® SLOTS, which can be used to create bespoke warehouse storage systems.

PIX®  products are easy to integrate with your current shelving systems eliminating any need to extend or change existing warehouse layouts. Since they’re made out of cardboard, PIX®  storage units won’t rust, and they’re less susceptible to developing mould than many traditional forms of storage, making them ideal for use by clothing retailers.

PALLITE® PIX®  solutions are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, yet they’re incredibly strong and durable. Their modular nature means they can accommodate both large and small items with ease. PIX® systems are also fully integrateable with the latest warehouse management systems including barcode and RFID scanning technology.

Discover the right warehouse storage solution for your business today

If you’re looking for a warehouse storage solution that will boost your productivity whilst improving your carbon footprint, then get in touch with us today. PALLITE® PIX®’s eco-friendly, lightweight, and cost-effective warehouse storage systems can enhance your space and adapt to all your evolving storage requirements.

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