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Yes, we have a team of inhouse professionals able to design all the PIX units to suit your inventory and space requirements. Our manufacturing facility is based in Milwaukee to make fulfillment and shipping of US orders quick, easy and without excessive shipping costs.

PIX storage units can have anything from 4 up to 400 storage bins allowing them to flex to your product and inventory volume needs.

The increase in demand for general use products throughout the pandemic, as well as the surge in online shopping, is causing a number of company leaders to actively assess warehouse operations and address logistical dilemmas with robotic automation to meet on-time delivery. With the majority of distribution centers currently operating manually with a limited labor pool, the value of integrating flexible easy-to-use robots with compatible storage bins is increasingly more prevalent.

PALLITE recognizes the importance of automation within the warehouse environment and are working with several robotics suppliers to facilitate these requirements with both standard tailor made PIX unit storage solutions for both Goods-to-Person (GTP) and Collaborative (Co-bot) autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)

The standard PIX family of storage bin units are all mounted on a skid that can easily be adapted to allow GTP AMRs to efficiently and safely pick up and move the units without damage to either the unit or the inventory it contains.

‘The robot segment for the automated material handling equipment market continues to dominate the market size for installed automated material handling equipment. As it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.0% from 2021 to 2026, company leaders that hesitate to implement advanced technologies, including robotic automation, run the risk of falling behind in today’s high-mix, low-production industrial landscape.’ (

Yes, you can increase pick-face width by removing vertical dividers or add additional pick-faces with PIX Multipliers (sold separately), allowing the flexibility to adapt to changes in SKUs profiles and or fluctuations in inventory volumes.

All PIX units are manufactured from incredibly strong honeycomb cardboard, a standard PIX unit can hold up to 1100lbs. We have internationally renowned customers in the apparel sector that have tried, tested and installed PIX across all of their warehouse distributions centers.

Unlike ordinary cardboard, the strength and resilience of the honeycomb cardboard helps prevent damage to shelf edges maintaining their rigidity even after 1000s of picking actions.

Each storage bin unit can be constructed in just a few minutes, we provide easy to follow video and printed instructions but you certainly do not need to be an expert in construction to build them, anyone can do it.

Each PIX shelf edge has a space for product bar codes and labels helping to reduce inefficiencies with picking and product distribution errors.

Yes, all PALLITE products are 100% recyclable after use.

We would be happy to answer any of your PALLITE PIX queries please contact us to discuss.


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