Benefits of PIX SLOTS with the introduction of angled shelves

Maximising storage space


strong pcik bins with angled shelves

Inventory Management

Small SKUs such as apparel are retained more efficiently in the angled pick bins eliminating time wasted replacing fallen stock.

When it comes to warehouse storage management, inventory accuracy is a challenging but essential task. One of the greatest inefficiencies in a warehouse is poor inventory tracking, if you don’t know how much you have of a product, how long you have had it, or where it is located, picking and packing of orders is increasingly inefficient. PIX™ SLOTS Angled is a simple, effective and incredibly efficient warehouse storage solution to help reduce inventory errors.

Implementing a warehouse storage plan for every part or product, supported by appropriate storage bins with the flexibility for expansion and reduction of inventory is essential. Known as PFEP or Plan for Every Part, this system is most often used in manufacturing facilities, but is equally as useful in solving warehouse management storage challenges.

PIX warehouse shelving

Plan for Every Part

Prioritize warehouse storage opportunities

That’s why manufacturers introduced the Plan for Every Part (PFEP). As inventory optimization goals adjust to reduce picking inefficiencies, improve working capital, and ultimately maximize production throughput, your PFEP can help you prioritize warehouse storage opportunities. PALLITE™ can help with your end-to-end inventory management by supplying a PIX™ storage bin solution to suit your warehouse and stock requirements. Whilst data analysis is crucial, the implementation of a well strategized PFEP combined with the most suitable storage solution will provide for improved picking efficiency and accuracy to support your supply chain management objectives.

There is plenty of technical information on setting up a PFEP procedure if you’re looking for a how-to-guide. In short, it is very difficult to plan or improve a process you cannot see.

The best thing you can do to get started is to take the time to consider each product’s life cycle as it flows into and out of your warehouse.

How and where can you start storing and stocking those products more intuitively to reduce the walk sequence of your pickers? Where does each product come from? What size and volume of storage bins are needed to store each product? What is the life cycle of the product?

Ensure to support your efforts with the storage solutions that work best for your warehouse. Modular storage bins, flow racks, packing stations, and picking carts can help you get those products exactly where they need to go while providing the flexibility you need to shift and adapt as you learn better how to store and keep track of your inventory.

Product picking and order processing inefficiencies are an increasing challenge for supply chains, especially as e-commerce orders continue to soar. Adapting to smaller pick orders on shorter return times requires complete optimization of the product picking process, you stand to increase profitability by boosting the number of orders your warehouse can pick and ship in a shift or day.

“First In, First Out” or FIFO with modular storage bins may provide the answer.

Especially for applications where products have a shelf life or expiration date, it’s essential to pick and pack the oldest products in the warehouse first.

The PIX™ range of storage solutions can help support FIFO. From picking carts to organized storage bins, there are many tools you can implement in your warehouse to deliver products to pickers in a way that supports FIFO throughout your warehouse. Don’t address material flow in a single aspect. Where material comes from, where it needs to go, and the method of fulfilling this process are all aspects to consider with a warehouse storage system.

Custom workstations are another ideal warehouse solution. Packaging and repackaging for order processing is a drain on profitability. When everything your operators need is within easy reach, and their workstations are organized according to their specific needs, you can improve process time and save space.

When items are mis picked or damaged in the warehouse, those inaccuracies and breakages are paid for by the facility. While some level of product handling damage is expected, minimizing it can go a long way to improving your facility’s returns.

The solution: Organization, proper warehouse storage, and material handling solutions that reduce damage.

The first step in minimizing product handling damages is to reduce product handling. This may seem elementary but take the time to walk through the process for each product and see how many times it is touched before it is packed, then look for opportunities to reduce handling. A poorly organized warehouse often means overloading shelves and racks, which can lead to significant damages and mixing up of stock as it falls from pick faces. PIX™ Slots can be designed with angled shelving to alleviate these handling errors and damaged products, with no lips to the shelving being needed and smaller stock items that are prone to sliding to the floor retained in the pick bins.

Changes in demand due to a shifting economy, extreme weather, and even seasonality of a product can change what your warehouse storage and layout looks like in an instant. When consumer demand is constantly evolving, how can you adapt in a way that maintains your warehouse’s profitability?

Lean material flow solutions that scale as your processes do.

If there’s one thing you know for sure about warehouse management, it’s that there are ebbs and flows to the demand for your products. The best solution to this common, but often difficult-to-solve warehouse management challenge is to invest in flexible storage bins that can adapt as quickly as demand increases or wanes.

PIX™ SLOTS is an ideal modular warehouse storage bins solution that can adapt easily, collapsing down to be stored flat-packed when stock requirements reduce or reassembled with multiple pick faces when volumes increase.

The flexibility to change from 4 pick faces up to 400 is just one advantage of this storage solution sometimes not seen in more traditional racking.


With a build time of just minutes, PIX SLOTS Angled storage is quick to assemble and incredibly strong

While warehouse management challenges can feel overwhelming, PALLITE have the experience and manufacturing know how to provide a tailor made PIX™ storage solution to help streamline efficiencies and pick accuracy designed to your specific warehouse storage needs. For more information contact the PALLITE team.

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