Lightweight range of the PIX® range of Warehouse storage bins.

pix slots storage units for aparrel


PIX® SLOTS is produced from our incredibly strong honeycomb paper cardboard with smooth shelf edges designed for customer labels and barcodes

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multiple pick bins for warhouses

Ideal for fast-moving smaller SKUs

Order-picking accuracy and efficiency can heavily impact distribution

Order-picking accuracy and efficiency can heavily impact distribution centre’s productivity levels, if not properly optimised, the picking of items may make up as much as 60% of all labour activities in a warehouse and may account for as much as 65% of all operating expenses. Many order picking inefficiencies could be alleviated with PIX® storage bins and the batching of orders in a parallel-aisle warehouse, minimising the total traveling time needed to pick all items.

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A close up of thepick faces on a PIX warehouse storage unit


The lighter weight range of storage units in our PIX® branded warehouse storage solutions

In industries with strong seasonality patterns and fluctuating SKUs such as retail and fashion, regular re-locations of products might be necessary. Maintaining the appropriateness of the storage bin configuration relative to the products to ensure full optimisation of the warehouse storage is easily provided for with PIX® SLOTS.

With an average build time of just minutes, PALLITE® PIX® SLOTS warehouse storage solutions are easy to build, no tools are required and easy to move should floor layouts change.

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Made to measure storage management solution

PALLITE® can design a made to measure warehouse storage management solution that will maximise your space and improve your ROI. The easy introduction of shelf multipliers provides the flexibility to double the number of pick-faces should stock needs dictate.

A man looking through the pick faces on a PIX unit

Warehouse Storage Design

Provide the best possible warehouse storage solution

Warehousing professionals globally have put their trust in PALLITE® to provide the best possible warehouse storage solution for their operations, designed to optimise space relative to stock specifications and volumes.

Warehouse storage layout problems affect its performance including material handling costs, storage capacity, space utilisation, and supply chain efficiencies.

Improve productivity

Eliminate walking and reduce fatigue for more accurate product picking.

Pickers make more mistakes when tired. Mobile workstations continue to improve productivity and deliver greater ROI. PIX® SLOTS units are palletised to provide full mobility for stationary stock picking requirements or to reconfigure warehouse storage to suit changing seasonal demands.

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