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Yes, we have a team of inhouse professionals able to design all the PIX® units to suit your inventory and space requirements.

PIX® storage units can have anything from 4 up to 400 storage bins allowing them to flex to your product and inventory volume needs.

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The increase in demand for general use products throughout the pandemic, as well as the surge in online shopping, is causing a number of company leaders to actively assess warehouse operations and address logistical dilemmas with robotic automation to meet on-time delivery. With the majority of distribution centres currently operating manually with a limited labour pool, the value of integrating flexible easy-to-use robots with compatible storage bins is increasingly more prevalent.

PALLITE® recognises the importance of automation within the warehouse environment and are working with several robotics suppliers to facilitate these requirements with both standard tailor made PIX® unit storage solutions for both Goods-to-Person (GTP) and Collaborative (Co-bot) autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)

The standard PIX® family of storage bin units are all mounted on a skid that can easily be adapted to allow GTP AMRs to efficiently and safely pick up and move the units without damage to either the unit or the inventory it contains.

‘The robot segment for the automated material handling equipment market continues to dominate the market size for installed automated material handling equipment. As it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.0% from 2021 to 2026, company leaders that hesitate to implement advanced technologies, including robotic automation, run the risk of falling behind in today’s high-mix, low-production industrial landscape.’ (

Yes, you can increase pick-face width by removing vertical dividers or add additional pick-faces with PIX® Multipliers (sold separately), allowing the flexibility to adapt to changes in SKUs profiles and or fluctuations in inventory volumes.

All PIX® units are manufactured from incredibly strong honeycomb cardboard, a standard PIX® unit can hold up to 500kg. We have internationally renowned customers in the fashion and retail sector that have tried, tested and installed PIX® across all of their warehouse distributions centres.

Unlike ordinary cardboard, the strength and resilience of the honeycomb cardboard helps prevent damage to shelf edges maintaining their rigidity even after 1000s of picking actions.

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Each storage bin unit can be constructed in just a few minutes, we provide easy to follow video and printed instructions but you certainly do not need to be an expert in construction to build them, anyone can do it.

Each PIX® shelf edge has a space for product bar codes and labels helping to reduce inefficiencies with picking and product distribution errors.

Yes, all PALLITE® products are 100% recyclable after use.

We would be happy to answer any of your PALLITE® PIX® queries please contact us to discuss.

Yes – we can add a conveyor frame to your PALLITE® pallet or PALLITE® pallet box. This way you’re not limited to where and when you can use it. It’s best to speak to a member of our team, so they can make sure you choose the right type of frame. You can send them a message here.

Yes – PALLITE® products can be configured for use in open-beam racking. We just need to know the weight and type of load that you need to carry.

A standard PALLITE® pallet weighs from 4.05kg, which is well below health and safety guidelines for lifting above elbow height. That means there’s less risk of injury in the workplace, which reduces lost work days and ultimately makes a much happier workforce.

We get asked this question a lot. A standard PALLITE® pallet can hold up to 750kg in open-beam racking, and bespoke versions can hold much more – it all depends on the specification. If you talk to our team, they’ll help you find the right solution for your supply chain. You can contact them here.

Based on the following calculations, you could reduce weight by 80%
Euro Wooden Pallet – 25kg
Euro Pallet Collars – 8.1kg each (195mm)
Euro Plywood Crate Lid – 5kg
PALLITE® Euro Box – 12.4kg
((Pallet = 25kg) + (4x Collars = 32.4kg) + (Lid = 5kg) = 62.4kg) – 12.4kg = 50kg
50kg / 62.4kg = 80.13%

Based on the following calculations, you could reduce weight by 83%
Wooden Euro Pallet – 25kg
PALLITE® Euro Pallet = 4.05kg
Wooden Pallet Weight 25kg – PALLITE® Pallet Weight 4.05g = 20.95kg
20.95/25kg = 83%

PALLITE® pallet can be successfully used in wet environments, but we recommend that you avoid long-term exposure to water. Its strength is due to the layers of glue acting as barriers between the sheets of paper, so it can withstand more water than corrugate. The papers we use also have a high resistance to moisture. We thoroughly test all our products.

The PALLITE® range can be provided in any size. We manufacture both UK Standard and Euro sizes, but we also create bespoke items – be it to ship a standard sized pallet, a sofa, a tv, or even a car!

Yes, it’s light, weighing from 3.8kg, so you’ll save money on your air freight fees. It’s also ISPM15-exempt so you don’t have to purchase expensive heat-treated pallets, ultimately saving you even more money.

It’s simple – it’s so much stronger. You won’t have to worry about your pallets or pallet boxes collapsing in transit.

Yes, we have an inhouse designer able to provide a suitable packaging solution constructed from EcoLITE specific to your product.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We have a purpose-built slitter machine able to cut basic squares and rectangles easily and quickly.

Our EcoLITE board for packaging comes in 15mm, 18mm, 25mm and 50mm depths as standard. EcoLITE can be sold on pallets by the sheet or cut to bespoke designs.

Yes, all of our EcoLITE packaging is produced from 100% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable at kerbside.

EcoLITE is light in weight but incredibly strong, pound-for-pound stronger than steel, the perfect material to protect and cushion your products.

Whether it be our easy to tear off honeycomb cardboard pads for void fill, corner protectors, box liners or a tailor-made protective packaging design, EcoLITE can provide an effective packaging alternative to polystyrene, plastic and foam.


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