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Sustainability has always been a hot topic for companies but perhaps even more so now, as the government levies more taxes on those companies not switching to more environmentally friendly logistics and packaging solutions, finding suitable alternatives that match on functionality can seem difficult.

PALLITE® can provide fully sustainable product solutions that may surpass expectations. Pallets, shipping crates and layer pads produced from our honeycomb paper cardboard that not only help companies reduce their impact on the environment but also fulfil on performance. Providing the strength and reliability seen in more traditional materials but without impacting on the planet.

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Sustainable Honeycomb cardboard Pallet stack warehouse logsitics

How can a paper-based shipping box provide the same strength as a wooden or plastic shipping crates?

The PALLITE® range is designed to be lightweight yet strong. We have carried out extensive testing on our honeycomb paper cardboard to help ensure the walls of our pallet boxes and resilience of our pallets will help protect your consignments.

The 25mm protective honeycomb paper cardboard is designed with innovative cell technology to help prevent damage. The strength of the wall also means that PALLITE® pallet boxes can help stabilise a load and reduce the risk of your product shifting during transit, giving you the peace of mind that your stock will arrive intact and undamaged.

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The PALLITE® range of logistics product solutions allows you to double-stack shipping boxes, with up to 750kg sitting securely on the top layer.

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The entire PALLITE® range is ISPM15 exempt which means you can save time on certification paperwork for heat treated pallets and crates. You can rest assured that your consignment will not be at risk of contamination, there are no nails or splinters with a reduced risk of mould. Airlines are happy to accept the PALLITE® range, many of our customers trust our pallets and pallet boxes for the safe shipping of their air freight.

Tests show that PALLITE® products absorb more of the vibrations caused by road transport than wooden alternatives.

Keep your load steady and secure with our pallets, pallet boxes and layer pads.

lightweight cardboard pallet alternative to wood


The PALLITE® pallet is made in both standard UK and Euro sizes and can also be designed to meet bespoke specifications. We can create pallets and pallet boxes that precisely fit your shipping container which means no more shipping air. You could make significant savings on the cost of delivery by increased capacity in your container by up to 28.5%.

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Every step in your delivery supply chain counts to increase cost efficiency. Coupled with better container capacity, the PALLITE® range reduces freight costs in more ways than one. Using PALLITE® pallets or pallet boxes takes the hassle out of container de-vanning and saves on handballing charges. Your consignment will be palletised and ready to go with no additional manual handling.

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Our team takes pride in providing dependable product development specific to customer needs. Experienced and effective in multiple market applications—your product excellence is our standard.

Innovation and Experience
In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, our customers expect the right solution to meet their supply chain problem now. We spare no effort to find the most suitable product to meet these demands through innovation, attention to detail, and years of experience. Learn more about who we are and the industries we serve.

‘We at TATA Global Beverages have been using PALLITE® pallets for over two years for all our airfreight shipments and as an alternative to heat treated pallets where required for export. Our experience has been that orders have been speedily processed and delivered to our warehouse always on time as per agreed schedule. The pallets are clean and very durable as well as ultra-lightweight compared with wooden alternatives. The lower pallet weight has given us cost savings on airfreight charges and meets the import requirements of our overseas clients.’

Tata Global Beverages

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