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For warehouse and distribution facilities, the improvement of storage capabilities and the necessary investments to achieve business goals will inevitably involve decisions over racking, shelving, ASRS automated storage and retrieval systems, or even carousels. Service levels and lead times are just a few of the important metrics impacted by those supply chain and inventory-management decisions, it’s up to businesses to take a very serious look at how decisions like purchasing warehouse storage, laying it out, and deciding whether or not to automate it, will impact those metrics.

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The process of purchasing warehouse storage products can be a daunting task where many factors have to be considered:

Initiate a thorough study of inventory management to maximize investment dollars and determine how storage hardware can best be utilized

Examine the movement of goods, how quickly orders must be fulfilled, and determine the best ways to pick products, some goods are small and fast movers, while others may be large and slow movers.

Set your goals

manpower, stock availability, picking strategy and the warehouse environment must be addressed. A review of short-term goals also will inevitably lead to exploration of future plans and growth strategies.

Assess Warehouse Space and Inventory Requirements

For example, a line of pallet racking could be interrupted by a physical column, forcing the need to move the entire line, or eliminating a bay, resulting in wasted space. Physical characteristics of the products and packaging also need to be examined thoroughly relative to building constraints. Picking, packing and other essential functions also must be factored into the layout.

Have future expansion in mind

When selecting products, product interchangeability and flexibility is paramount. On one hand, for example, many types of racking claim to be interchangeable. In reality, there may be limitations due to the layout of the warehouse. On the other hand, implementing a modular warehouse storage solution that can be added to or reduced if and when required may make more business sense.

Assess your Inventory requirements

Make a determination as to how best to manage your warehouse stock and picking needs with regards to the layout of your warehouse storage bins. Know when to utilize a consultant to help you identify the thresholds between doing things manually or opting to automate.

team helping to sell warehouse storage bins

B2B or B2C

Communication is a key to success

Whether selling B2B or B2C, the customer journey reigns supreme, and the methods used to engage with customers have become increasingly sophisticated.

Customers take the quality of the goods as a given - they are more educated and know what they want – and often, they are spoilt for choice. The differentiator therefore may not be the product itself, but rather the ease with which they can communicate with a seller, and how quickly they receive the goods. It may even be their ethical reputation, or their unrivalled returns policy.

How it is managed is therefore key to the success of a business. New technology and sustainability across the warehouse and distribution network are going to be the way that the future expectations of customers are fulfilled.

Further Automation

Software-Driven Solution

Further automation advantages include software-driven slotting for dynamic cube utilization based on pre-set parameters, such as item velocity and weight. Typically, manual picking from warehouse shelving or storage bins and racks hits rates of 50 to 100 picks per person per hour, whereas pick rates in facilities incorporating ASRS solutions range up to 1,000 picks per person per hour. Automated picking also boosts pick accuracy significantly, eliminating mispicks. Automation also enables order cutoff times to be extended, increasing the number of same-day shipments.



PALLITE™ PIX™ is a range of lightweight, flexible and strong warehouse storage and shelving systems designed to consolidate space and adjust to stock requirements. Our US based manufacturing facility has the versatility and capability to produce PIX™ warehouse solutions specific to each customer’s needs. Contact the PALLITE™ team to discuss your product storage.

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Discover PALLITE benefits

Available as 4 pick-face units up to 400 pick-faces units.

Reduce the space needed to store your products by combining storage bins and creating more space in your warehouse. Add more units as inventory levels increase or store flat packed when not required.

Reduce pick times and walk sequences with consolidating pick-faces to improve your efficiency.

Durable honeycomb paper cardboard walls and protected edges results in storage bins that are strong enough to hold up to 1100 lbs across each PALLITE™ PIX™ storage unit.

Light in weight to protect your team from manual handling injuries.

Fully recyclable after use.

Easy-to-fit interchangeable dividers to quickly flex your warehouse storage around your products.

Clearly divided and well organized storage bins with space for labels and tags help you to find products with ease.

Build and dismantle PIX™ units with ease and store flat-packed when not in use to help keep your warehouse layout flexible.

Move the whole unit, empty or full, with ease.

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