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Streamline 3PL Operations with PALLITE® PIX®

Maximising optimisation within the warehouse using PIX®

Optimising warehouse storage

Optimising warehouse storage solutions for 3PLs  is crucial in order to maintain efficiency, boost scalability, and keep customers happy. However this is easier said than done, given the ever increasing diversity and volume of SKUs that need to be stored and managed.

Fortunately help is at hand. PALLITE® ‘s PIX® warehouse storage solutions allow you to streamline your 3PL operations quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Warehouse storage solutions for 3PLs: The challenges

As your clients’ requirements change you may find your traditional warehousing solutions are  struggling to keep up,

Static shelving and pallet racks tend to lack the flexibility or scalability that’s needed to fully optimise space or boost picking efficiencies. A limited scope for product placement and inability to accommodate different sizes of products can lead to bottlenecks, reduced productivity, and service disruptions. All of which can limit your ability to scale.

How to improve warehouse storage with PIX® warehouse storage solutions

At PALLITE® we understand the importance of maximising and optimising warehouse space. We also know how critical it is to be able to quickly access and retrieve goods. That’s why we created PIX® warehouse and storage solutions.

Benefits of PIX® warehouse storage solutions

Free up space and use it more efficiently 

A key advantage of PIX® warehouse storage solutions is their ability to maximise storage capacity and store a large volume of products within a limited footprint. This minimises space wastage, and boosts storage efficiency.

PIX® units can be altered quickly, thanks to shelves and dividing walls that simply slot in and out of the unit. Additional cardboard multipliers can be added to further subdivide compartments into smaller storage spaces too. Slower- moving SKUs and overstock can be stored overhead on pallets or somewhere else out of the way.

Improve scalability and flexibility

The ability to scale operations quickly and adapt to changing client needs is imperative. As your clients’ businesses grow, or they experience seasonal fluctuations, you need to be agile when it comes to adjusting storage capacity.

Investing in  a modular storage system like PIX® can give you the edge when it comes to responding to these demands. Units can be quickly and easily expanded or reconfigured to consolidate your space and allow you to adjust to changing stock requirements. PIX® storage solutions are lightweight and easy to assemble, with interchangeable dividers, meaning you can quickly organise your warehouse storage around your products.

PIX® solutions:  Inventory management made simple

Knowing how to manage warehouse storage is just as important as understanding how to optimise warehouse space. Inefficient picking is a big challenge faced by 3PL companies. Badly organised inventory leads to errors, wastes precious time, and is expensive. It can lead to fulfilment inaccuracies, delayed shipments and dissatisfied customers.

PIX® pick faces are designed to consolidate multiple pick locations into a single pallet footprint. PIX® storage solutions can be sized to suit different products, keeping products secure whilst facilitating easier picking. For example, small to medium sized FMGs can be conveniently located together in clearly divided units, for ease of picking, each securely housed, and easily identifiable. PIX® ’s well-organised pick-faces offer plenty of space for tags and labels making it easy to find and retrieve products.

warehouse storage picker with pix units and apparel

Improve 3PL reverse logistics operations with PIX®

PIX® storage units can vastly improve your reverse logistics operations too. Since they’re so lightweight they can be safely picked up by a forklift even when fully loaded. This means customer returns can be sorted and re-packed in the rework area.  A full unit of inventory quickly made ready for re-sale, can be effortlessly lifted back into the picking and packing area. The fact that PIX® storage units are so lightweight also adds an extra layer of safety when it comes to protecting your employees from injury.

PIX® units are easy to assemble and deconstruct

PIX® storage solutions are easy to build and easy to take down. They can also be flat-packed for easy storage when not in use. No nails or fixings are required.

A fully customisable 3PL storage solution just for you

Whether you need to add more shelving, adjust rack heights, or integrate new storage modules, PIX® lets you scale up or down effortlessly and quickly, so you can ensure you’re using your warehouse space as efficiently as possible, whilst also allowing for optimal inventory management.

However if you need a customised solution for your storage and warehousing that’s not a problem. We can quickly make PIX® and PIX® SLOTS warehouse solutions specifically for you. Lead times for customised PIX® solutions are short, due to our extensive in-house manufacturing facilities and the abundance of raw materials.

This means you can achieve a bespoke storage solution at a comparatively low cost too.

Boost operational efficiencies and improve your carbon footprint

All PALLITE® products are made from honeycomb paper cardboard and are 100% recyclable. As well as offering a sustainable solution PIX® products are technically advanced, being strong, lightweight, and capable of carrying heavy loads with ease. Warehouse storage units, for example, can hold up to 500kg.

How 3PL providers improved operations using PALLITE®s PIX® storage solutions

PALLITE® worked with leading water technology company BWT to help them improve space optimisation, reduce picking errors and increase pick efficiencies, whilst helping them achieve their sustainability goals. By replacing their existing pallets with PIX® SLOTs units BWT were able to vastly increase pick speed and reduce picking errors.

Leading ecommerce company Trendhim used a combination of PIX® storage units to increase their pick face density and provide clearer location discipline.

Like the sound of PIX® 3PL storage and warehouse solutions? Then let’s talk

If you’re thinking of expanding overseas, need to increase your order volumes, or simply looking for a better way to do things, PIX® warehouse and storage solutions can help you achieve your objectives. 

Whether you have a specific product in mind, or are not sure where to start, get in touch with us today. A friendly team member will be happy to discuss how to improve warehouse storage at your facility, and explain the various options available. 

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