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Are you a leading and trusted distributor of warehouse racking and storage bins?

Are you interested in expanding your current lines with the highest quality and in demand warehouse storage solutions? Do you pride yourself on offering innovative and game changing warehouse solutions to meet your customer’s requirements? The PALLITE™ Inc PIX™ storage bin range will complement your existing portfolio of products and make it easy to help your customers and prospects to transform their warehouses.

optimize warehouse space with PIX storage

PIX™ warehouse storage

Complement your existing portfolio of products

Many businesses try, sometimes in earnest, to convert floor space and dead space into pick-faces to meet the ever-increasing demands of e-commerce, PIX™ units help make this task achievable.
Our track record of growth and innovation proves that there is a strong and growing demand for PIX™ warehouse storage.
Competing solutions may not be flexible or strong enough to meet your customer requirements. Metal shelving and racking solutions can be costly and take a long time to build, requiring even longer lead times.

PALLITE™ PIX™ Storage Bins Solves These Problems.

bwt storage bins for lighter SKUs

Trusted Warehouse Storage Products

Innovation Honeycomb Paper Cardboard System

PIX™ units can be used in existing racking and shelving to help consolidate space - but equally can be used as freestanding shelving units for pop-up or permanent storage and picking solutions that can adapt as your customers’ inventory needs change.

That’s why we have design protection and own the rights to our innovations and products in the UK, Europe, the US, and Canada. Protecting our concepts and designs means our unique proposition is safe with us and will continue to beat off the competition time and time again.

in rack storage bins

We Manufacture in the US

Quick and easy supply.

We have a manufacturing facility in Milwaukee. Our No 1 goal is to deliver a warehouse storage product within budget and to your customer’s time constraints.

Despite having many different ‘standard’ PIX™ units we recognise your customer may still want something custom made. For that reason, holding stock is not a viable option for you or us.

As a result, we have become experts at manufacturing both standard and custom-built PIX™ storage bin solutions to order. We can then distribute orders either via your warehouse or directly to your customer. You decide, but either way you don’t need to hold stock when you work with PALLITE™ Inc.

Our commitment

The highest quality and outstanding service to you as a distributor

Our commitment to you as a distributor extends beyond the manufacturing process. It also means delivering the product on time as promised. Once the delivery date is quoted, we will do everything in our power to meet or beat the deadline. We continue to strive for 100 percent!

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