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PALLITE PIX units being used for Carpetright

About Carpetright

One of the UK’s leading flooring and beds provider for 30 years. Since their launch in 1988, they have grown into an international retailer. Carpetright pride themselves on attention to detail and excellent customer service. Carpetright approached PALLITE to help implement improved sortation of their samples.



Sample picking area, vertical space not utilised to full potential.

Cardboard bin boxes would have the tendency to rip and tear, making a pick awkward and time consuming.


PIX® & SLOTS, bespoke designs to span over two sample picking areas.


The first solution was to utilise the available space within the raised metal racking, to resolve this our team created a bespoke full-strength PIX® shelf design, with 16 pick faces, each compartment to hold up to 50kg to accommodate heavier tilled samples.


The second solution was to accommodate Carpetright’s lighter weight flooring samples, utilising the space within their existing metal racking, a combination of floor standing single sided PIX® SLOTS were implemented, ranging from 15 pick faces up to 64, optimising their total space.

PALLITE PIX units for carpetright


Flooring samples housed securely allowing for a more effective pick and accurate stock checks.

Optimising space with the flexibility to adapt to samples.

A cost-effective product which incorporates durability, longevity, and strength.

Flexibility, scalability, and customisation of pick location dimensions.

"I first worked with PALLITE during my time with Morrisons when they created and provided innovative solutions to maximise space in the NDC.

That relationship has extended to providing me with products for our sampling area.

Flexible, supportive and with superb service, the team at PALLITE have been integral in the improvement in productivity and working environment here in Purfleet"

Carpetright Testimonial

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