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PALLITE Expands to Meet International Demand

strong warehouse storage bins for apparel

USA 3PL, Quiet Platforms, install PALLITE PIX® sustainable storage solutions across their warehousing facilities

PALLITE, the award-winning UK and US international designer and manufacturer of high-density storage bins, has taken on bigger premises to facilitate the demand in their sustainable honeycomb cardboard pick bin units.

Since launching their strong, flexible warehouse storage solutions, PALLITE® has seen huge demand from a growing number of customers across the UK, Europe and the USA, including Quiet Platforms.

Over its 13-year operating history, Quiet has become the chosen fulfilment provider to some of the most successful and progressive digitally native companies seeking to maintain their brand identities.

With facilities located in key regions across the US including Boston, St Louis, Chicago, Dallas & LA, working with PALLITE® they have been able to transform their storage and picking efficiencies. Quiet had two clear business goals.  Firstly, greater durability, as the previously used corrugated bin boxes that would break down quickly, sometime within months of installation, and need to be replaced.  And secondly, greater flexibility, as customization of the pick bin dimensions allowed for frequent fluctuations in stock.

Feedback from Quiet highlighted the rise in steel prices across the globe coupled with supply chain constraints, made steel racking lead times unrealistic with the speed at which Quiet do business, the ROI of the PIX® SLOTs units became more advantageous.

The reduction in the price per pick location and increased durability compared to previous corrugated bin boxes both constituted towards tangible improvements in ROI.

PIX® also provided Quiet with the flexibility they needed to scale up and customize the pick location dimensions when required, another major benefit of PALLITE® storage solutions.

PIX warehouse storage Pick bin

“The biggest impact of installing PIX® was the ability to have a storage solution able to be used for picking in our Atlanta launch. From the date we acquired the building to the date we had inventory in storage ready to be picked was 6 weeks. Storage density has improved and picking locations per square foot has increased.”

“Another major impact is inventory accuracy. There are no bin boxes being crushed and ripped causing inventory to fall on the floor. The sustainability of the units provided an additional benefit” Quiet Platforms.

PALLITE® PIX® and PIX® SLOTS is a range of lightweight, flexible, and robust storage units constructed from honeycomb paper cardboard. Designed to flex to the ever-changing demands of the modern warehouse, this innovative range of modular storage bins can be produced to each customer’s inventory requirements.  PIX® units maximize every inch of warehouse space, revolutionizing picking efficiencies, improving pick accuracy as well as helping businesses fulfil on their sustainability goals.

Recent innovations to the range include rearward angled shelving designed to further alleviate stock spilling from pick faces.  Rigid shelf edges with space for labels and bar codes are included for easy integration into existing pick systems.

Looking forward to 2023, the PALLITE® PIX® team will be at the UKWA Conference, Manifest (Las Vegas), Promat (Chicago), LogiMAT (Stuttgart)& SITL (Paris) to help with any enquiries.

Anyone interested in a PIX® solution for warehouse storage should direct their enquiries to Victoria Murray for the UK, David Rose covering Europe and Gareth Vicary for the USA.

Contact PALLITE® today if you have any questions on how we can help you and your business.

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