Available in 140L paper sacks with 8kg of shredded paper in each bag.

Minimum order quantity1 pallet – 12 bags with a total of 96kg of EcoSHRED,

For bulk orders please contact us

Environmentally friendly paper void fill/packaging. Lightweight and easy to handle.

EcoSHRED is produced from our honeycomb paper board, shredded to provide the perfect packaging or void ill to protect products in transit.

The latest addition to our range of void fill, EcoSHRED, is great for filling space in shipping boxes, crates or any container requiring a cushion between the product and the outer packaging.

100% recyclable EcoSHRED is perfect for companies looking to further their sustainability credentials and add to a circular economy. A sustainable solution for protecting your goods in transit.

For bespoke packaging designs see our EcoLITE range of honeycomb cardboard.

Note: The process of shredding the board does create some dust particles which will be present in the end product.


Full Packet Stacks

Total Price:


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