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The Benefits of Using PIX® for Existing Metal Racking

Slots aisle in warehouse racking

Metal racking systems are a warehouse staple, known for their durability and storage capabilities. Once installed, however, they can be difficult to modify or add to, without significant investment and disruption. This lack of flexibility makes it difficult to adapt to changing inventory sizes, or deal with fluctuating levels of demand.

There is, however, a quick, easy, cost-effective way to upgrade your existing warehouse storage systems – one that doesn’t require any excessive downtime or outlay.  PIX® storage systems allow you to arrange your inventory in an organised and efficient way, without having to reconfigure or add to your existing metal racking.

Is your current metal racking system holding you back?

Metal racking systems can be expensive to install, and once set up they’re often difficult to modify or expand without incurring even more cost. They’re often designed to serve a specific purpose, and their rigid metal conurbations mean they’re unable to accommodate different types or sizes of products or storage needs. This lack of flexibility can seriously hinder the efficiency and adaptability of your warehouse operations.

Also, while metal racking systems can help to optimise vertical space they’re not always so efficient when it comes to horizontal space. Depending on how your metal racking is designed, you may be experiencing lots of empty spaces along with underused or disorganised corrugated boxes lining the shelves. This poor utilisation of space undermines your ability to keep your storage footprint to a minimum.

PALLITE® PIX®: A simple solution to your ongoing storage requirements

A fully customised PIX® storage system offers you the flexibility and adaptability you need to keep up with changing business needs. As your product sizes, packaging or inventory changes slots can be configured and adjusted to accommodate these variations. This level of customisation means you can quickly and easily reorganise and adapt to any evolving storage requirements, without having to invest in extensive modifications or buy in any new racking systems.

PIX® SLOTS: A fully customisable space-saving solution

PIX® products can be purchased as a standalone solution, but we’re also able to create a fully customisable solution for you, one that will fit perfectly within your existing metal racking setup – revolutionising your use of space in the warehouse.

Here at our dedicated UK manufacturing facility in the UK we can design bespoke pick bins and slots as large or small as you need to fit snugly into your current metal racking systems.  Since PIX® SLOTS can be designed to fit the exact dimensions of your specific products  you can create precise storage configurations within your existing metal racking and maximise your use of space.

PIX installation at the NHS warehouse

Bespoke PIX® storage units maximise space and minimise your storage footprint

PALLITE® PIX storage systems allow you to efficiently rearrange and consolidate your products and make use of all your available space. By storing your inventory in a more organised fashion you’ll require fewer replenishment trips, reduce picking errors and experience a lower rate of returns. All without the need for any costly expansion to your infrastructure.

Boost visibility with a tailored PIX® storage solution

Limited visibility is another issue with certain metal racking configurations, with visibility of products stored towards the back of racks limited, making it challenging to carry out accurate inventory checks, locate items, or monitor expiration dates or shelf life.

PIX® storage solutions can help you tackle this lack of visibility, with pick faces that offer plenty of space for labels and tags. Each slot can be designated with a specific SKU to allow for accurate tracking and inventory management. This improved visibility makes it easier to carry out stock takes, monitor stock levels, and replenish stock more efficiently, leading to fewer stockouts and improved inventory accuracy.

Minimise the travel time between picks

Metal racking systems can also pose challenges when it comes to accessibility and selectivity. Accessing products stored in deeper or higher racks may require specialised equipment or additional handling time. This can slow down order fulfilment times and impact your overall operational efficiencies, especially when you’re experiencing a high volume of orders which require frequent access to different products.

By allowing you to assign different product types or SKUs to dedicated slots you can minimise the picking path within your metal racking and cut down on the travel time between picks – thereby  reducing overall picking times. The custom configuration of PIX® SLOTS ensures that more frequently ordered items, or those in highest demand, can be located strategically – leading to faster picking times.

Customised PIX® SLOTS also help to reduce picking errors and damage to products. Since each item has its own designated slot it will be snugly and securely held, and less likely to collide with other products or be mishandled.

PIX® storage systems integrate seamlessly with automated warehouse management systems

Efficient inventory management is crucial for any business, and PIX® can help you take yours to a whole new level by making it easy for you to incorporate automated warehouse management systems (WMS) into your warehouse operations. Once installed you’ll be able carry out real-time tracking of the products on your metal racking. This can drastically improve your overall inventory accuracy, reduce the risk of misplaced or lost items, and streamline your order fulfillment processes.

Integrating PIX® storage systems into your existing metal racking systems brings with it a multitude of benefits that can enhance your warehouse operations. From optimal space utilisation and improved efficiency, to faster fulfilment and order accuracy, PIX®products can also help you harness the power of technology and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Want to embrace the advantages of PIX® products and unlock the full potential of your existing metal racking? Then get in touch with us today and we’ll help you plan a bespoke, cost-effective solution that will transform your warehouse operations in no time.

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