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The Benefits of Sustainable Shipping Crates

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With transportation accounting for a quarter of EU greenhouse gas emissions, de-carbonisation is one of the industry’s most pressing concerns.

Unfortunately, however, many companies are making slow progress towards achieving their Net Zero goals. This could be because of an underlying fear that going greener will be complex, expensive, and disruptive.

The prospect of tackling all aspects of logistics sustainability can be overwhelming. A better approach could be to focus on areas where changes can be made easily, and cost-effectively.

In this post we’ll see how switching to PALLITE®’s sustainable shipping crates provides you with a quick, efficient, way to boost your green credentials, save money, and increase productivity.

Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of using PALLITE®’s sustainable shipping solutions.

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1. PALLITE® shipping crates: A fast-track to greater sustainability

PALLITE®’s lightweight cardboard boxes offer you a way to lower your carbon emissions without disrupting your logistics processes. Our award-winning cardboard shipping crates are made from over 80% recycled materials, and they’re 100% recyclable at the end of their lifetime.

Since PALLITE® crates are 83% lighter than traditional wooden crates (weighing in at just 12.4 kg each) your loads will be far lighter in transit, bringing your overall carbon emissions down.

2. Lighter loads mean lower costs

By reducing shipment weights, you’ll also be able to cut fuel consumption, which can reap significant cost-reductions. Not only can you save on road freight costs, but reduce bills when shipping by air. In fact, one of our customers managed to save an impressive £180,000 a year on their air freight bill, by switching to PALLITE® shipping solutions.

3. A strong and durable solution

Unlike traditional cardboard boxes, PALLITE®’s shipping crates are made from super strong 25mm reinforced honeycomb paper cardboard. They’re so strong and durable they can hold up to 750 kg, and even when stacked, boxes can hold up to 500 kg.

4. No downtime required to build

PALLITE® crates are easy to build, and won’t disrupt operations. They don’t require specialist tools or skills to assemble them – they can be put together in minutes by members of your own team. The fact they have a palletised base makes moving the crates a piece of cake too.

When not in use, PALLITE® ‘s cardboard shipping crates can be quickly and effortlessly flat-packed away, saving you precious storage space in the warehouse.

5. PALLITE®: A bespoke shipping solution

All PALLITE® products are made in-house, right here in the UK, so we can rapidly supply you with custom boxes to suit your specific business needs. Our CAD designers and sales team can not only create custom shipping boxes for you, but bespoke inserts, locators, and fitments, to ensure the snuggest of fits for your items.

This restricts movement, and keeps items safe and secure in transit, as well as reduces the amount of empty space in shipments.

By opting for our custom boxes and inserts you’ll be able to ship more products per load, all of which can help you make significant cost savings.

bespoke shipping box

6. ISPM 15 exemption for hassle-free international shipping

Since they’re made of cardboard, PALLITE®’s crates are exempt from ISPM 15 regulations. This simplifies international shipping, and eliminates the costs, and downtime, that come with wood treatment, and all its associated paperwork.

Being ISPM 15 exempt smooths customs clearance, and streamlines operations when it comes to cross-border movements.

7. Pallite cardboard boxes: Reducing scope 3 emissions

PALLITE® ‘s cardboard crates can help you reduce your Scope 3 emissions since your loads will be lighter, and you’ll be able to make more efficient use of space.

Industry-Specific Applications

PALLITE® products are suitable for just about every logistics scenario you can think of. Here are some prime examples.

Automotive Sector

PALLITE windscreen box

PALLITE®’s lightweight cardboard crates are highly suitable for use in the automotive industry, where there’s a necessity to ship delicate parts, such as windscreens, and brake inserts. From reduced fuel costs, to cheaper air freight, PALLITE® shipping crates can help automotive companies make savings right through the supply chain.

The ability to customise our cardboard boxes to provide an exact fit for automotive consignments maximises container and vehicle capacity, with the potential to transport 28% more items than by traditional shipping crates.

Aerospace Applications

There are many advantages to using PALLITE® sustainable crates in the aerospace industry, where weight savings directly impact fuel efficiency and operational costs. PALLITE® crates are ideal for handling at airports too, since they have no nails or splinters.

Pharmaceutical Logistics

At PALLITE® Group we help pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad overcome logistics challenges. PALLITE®’s crates are perfect for the secure and efficient transportation of sensitive pharmaceutical products. Crates can be equipped with insulating materials, to help regulate the temperature of goods in transit, and maintain product integrity.

The honeycomb-cell technology of the crates helps keep pharmaceutical items safe, and cushioned, while en route and, unlike traditional wooden crates, PALLITE® boxes are resistant to mould and contamination.

Switch to sustainable packaging solutions

PALLITE® EcoSHRED provides a sustainable, and protective, packaging solution. It’s made from shredded honeycomb cardboard, and is the perfect package filler for filling space within shipping crates. By creating a snug fit for items, EcoSHRED reduces the risk of damage to items caused by vibrations, or movement in transit.

EcoSHRED is a sustainable alternative to packing peanuts and air bags. By switching away from polystyrene and foam void fill, you won’t have to worry about the Single Use Packaging Tax either.

Future Trends in Sustainable Shipping

At PALLITE® Group we believe the future of shipping lies in our cost-effective honeycomb cardboard products. With their high strength-to weight ratio, impressive durability, and fully customisable nature, you can go greener without experiencing any downsides.

Make the right choice for your business by choosing PALLITE®’s sustainable shipping solutions.  Get in touch with us today, and we’ll talk you through your options.

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