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Elevating Pharmaceutical Logistics with PALLITE® Protective Shipping Crates and Packaging Products

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The pharmaceutical industry faces unique and intricate logistics challenges, especially when it comes to transporting goods, both at home and export. These challenges are underscored by strict regulations, the necessity for product integrity, and the urgency of delivering critical medical supplies.

In this post we’ll outline some of the specific hurdles pharmaceutical companies encounter during the transportation process, and explore how PALLITE®  cardboard crates and packaging materials can help to address and mitigate them.

Pharmaceutical logistics: A complex landscape

Pharmaceutical companies have to deal with the following issues when transporting items:

  1. Temperature control: Pharmaceutical companies often have to maintain stringent temperature control over goods in transit in order to maintain product efficacy, since changes in drug temperatures could compromise their quality. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) up to 30% of scrapped pharmaceuticals can be attributed to temperature excursions during transport.
  2. Regulatory compliance: The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated. Failing to comply with Good Distrubution Practices (GDP) and other regulatory standards could result in severe consequences, including product recall, and legal actions. Regulatory bodies like the MHRA closely monitor and enforce these standards.
  3. Product protection: Ensuring the integrity and protection of pharmaceutical goods during transit is paramount. Shock, vibration, and impacts, can result in damage to items which could render them unusable or unsafe for patients.
  4. Mould and contamination: Pharmaceutical products must be transported in a clean and sterile environment. Traditional wooden crates are prone to developing mould, which could introduce a contamination risk.
  5. Cost-efficiency: Reducing transportation costs is an ongoing challenge for pharmaceutical companies. Efficient packaging and the optimisation of cargo space are vital for cost-effective logistics.

pallite shipping crate ISPM15 Exempthalf euro sized shipping crate

PALLITE® : The ideal solution for shipping pharmaceutical products

PALLITE®  cardboard crates and sustainable packaging materials offer some tangible solutions to the challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies:

PALLITE®  cardboard containers can be equipped with insulating materials and phase-change materials (PCM) to regulate temperature in transit. This can help to maintain the required temperatures for products and safeguard pharmaceutical product integrity.

A robust solution to pharmaceutical transportation

PALLITE®’s  strong honeycomb cardboard packaging materials are engineered to withstand impacts and protect pharmaceutical goods from damage during transportation. The honeycomb-cell technology used in PALLITE®  products provides them with superior strength and a cushioning effect.

Mould-resistant shipping containers

Unlike traditional wooden crates, PALLITE® cardboard boxes are inherently resistant to mould and contamination. This goes a long way towards addressing critical concerns about product purity and sterility in pharmaceutical logistics.

Lightweight and cost-effective

PALLITE® lightweight cardboard shipping pallets can significantly reduce transportation costs. They’re up to 80% lighter than conventional wooden pallets, resulting in lower fuel expenses for ground transportation – and more affordable freight options.

A safer solution for employees

Wooden pallets can contribute to workplace injuries far more than paper based pallets. Broken boards, protruding nails and splinters can harm employees. Wooden pallets are also far heavier and more difficult to manoevre, leading to increased incidences of back injuries among employees.

PALLITE®  cardboard boxes have smooth edges, are extremely lightweight, and require no nails or staples, presenting far lower health and safety risk.

Bespoke shipping solution

PALLITE®  shipping crates can be purchased as standard spec. Alternatively we can create a bespoke solution with shipping crates designed to provide an exact fit for your consignment. This means you can maximise the amount of products transported within each load.

At our premises in the UK we also have the capability to design customised inserts and cradles to protect all kinds and sizes of pharmaceutical products, ensuring they have a snug fit during transit: Less movement in transit means better protection from damage.

We also supply a range of eco void fill: Pallite’s EcoSHRED void fill is ideal for use for the transport of pharmaceutical products, offering a sustainable and contamination-resistant cushioning solution.

PALLITE® : Helping pharmaceutical companies reduce their carbon footprint

Switching to PALLITE®  paper-based shipping crates and packaging helps pharmaceutical companies reduce their environmental impact. PALLITE®  products are 100% recyclable making them the ultimate sustainable logistics solution. Their lightweight nature also means lighter loads on the road which reduces carbon emissions.

PALLITE®  products can also help pharmaceutical companies cut their Scope 3 emissions – the emissions that occur outside of direct control of an organisation.

ISPM Exemption: Ship abroad without the hassle

Wooden pallets are now required to go through a lengthy process before they can be considered export worthy. For example they need to undergo heat treatment to kill any potentially harmful organic materials that may be present in the lumber. PALLITE®  pallets and shipping boxes however, are export ready, and require no treatment before being used for shipping items abroad. This can not only save you money but help you avoid delays to your supply chain.

Pharmaceutical companies demand unparalleled precision and attention to detail, with regulatory compliance, product protection, mould prevention and cost-efficiency, chief among them. PALLITE®  cardboard crates and packaging materials effectively address a number of these challenges, offering innovative solutions that ensure the safe delivery of medical supplies to where they are needed most.

Please get in touch with us at Pallite Group if you are looking for a sustainable, safe, and cost-effective solution when it comes to the transportation of pharmaceutical products. We work with companies across the globe, helping them to improve efficiencies and boost their eco-credentials. We’d love to discuss ways we can do the same for your organisation

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