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PALLITE® is honoured to have been awarded the King’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation.

This highly coveted accolade is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the UK business landscape. The King’s Award for Enterprise, which seeks to continue the legacy of HM Queen Elizabeth II, is bestowed upon outstanding UK businesses that have demonstrated remarkable achievements in various fields.

By receiving this esteemed recognition, PALLITE® further establishes itself as a leading player in its industry and contributes to the ongoing advancement of the UK economy.


PALLITE® manufacture all their products from just honeycomb cardboard and PVA glue. The honeycomb design is sandwiched between a thick outer layer of cardboard. Once these components are bonded, it creates a durable materiel that Is incredible strong.

All the PALLITE® product range is 100% recyclable – contributing to a circular economy.


PALLITE®’s PIX® range of warehouse storage units provide several benefits for Warehouses – no matter the type of stock stored, or the size of the warehouse. With no tools required to build each storage bin unit, its slot-together design means assembling PIX® warehouse storage solutions are quick and easy and can be fully recycled at the end of their lifespan.

PIX® is the perfect freestanding warehouse storage solution to maximise your warehouse space, with the option to choose single and twin pick face units. Customers can optimise floor space to hold more stock by increasing the number of pick faces if required. Additional benefits to optimising your warehouse space includes the reduction of walking sequences for pickers leading to less pickingtime. Increased efficiencies can also be experienced as picking errors are  diminished.

These warehouse shelving units provide extra flexibility. They can be easily de-assembled and stored flat packed when not in use, perfect for warehouses effected by seasonal periods and stock fluctuations such as Christmas and stock returns. They can be re-used when required. PIX® warehouse units also present flexibility within each pick face, the slot-together design means that dividers can be taken out and inserted at any given time, so that each shelf can house various sized stock whenever it is required.

Innovation at PALLITE® goes beyond PIX®. Their shipping crates are equally as innovative.

These stackable shipping boxes are lightweight so that you can save money on shipping costs. But it doesn’t stop there – made from sustainable honeycomb cardboard material means that all our packaging and shopping products are ISPM-15 exempt, whilst still strong enough to hold up to 750KG in weight.

Find out more about ISPM-15 exemption here. 

PALLITE® shipping crates can be designed with or without palletised feet so that they can be safely picked up and moved with ease.

Bespoke shipping crate inserts can be made to ensure that items (including those as big as car engines) are fully protected whilst in transit.

Their protective packaging product, EcoLITE, is a sustainable alternative to materials including plastic packaging and polystyrene and is 100% recycled after use. This lightweight honeycomb cardboard material helps reduce packaging size, eliminating excess space  by tightly cradling products whilst in transit.

EcoLITE also looks presentable in a box and doesn’t take away the excitement from opening a packaged – maintaining customer satisfaction.

The Pallets are also ISPM-15 exempt and can hold up to 750KG. They are available in standard, Euro and UK sizes whilst proven to maximise container capacity.

PALLITE® layer pads provide protection for stacking and stabilising items during transit, these are available in 25mm and 15mm.

All these products are fit for the future and fit for a circular economy. PALLITE® want to help businesses work smarter, not harder. Whilst saving on costs, doing their bit for the environment.

Let’s continue to raise our sustainability goals to build a greener future!

For more information on our products, contact us here.


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