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PALLITE®: Protective Packaging and Shipping Crates for Automotive Parts

Large car parts sustianable protective packaging

In an industry where precision and quality are paramount, protecting expensive automotive parts is non-negotiable. Damage during transit could result in costly delays in production, affecting both manufacturers and consumers. Ensuring safe transport of parts is also crucial in terms of safeguarding a manufacturer’s reputation for reliability and excellence.

Keeping items safe in transit is also key from an environmental point of view; replacing damaged components not only incurs financial costs – but exacerbates environmental impacts.

PALLITE® protective packaging and containers: Ideal for transporting automotive parts

PALLITE®’s eco-friendly cardboard boxes and packaging are perfect for transporting car parts. Here’s why:

  • The strength to protect valuable automotive parts in transit: PALLITE® cardboard products are incredibly strong. Our shipping crates are made from 25mm reinforced cardboard featuring a patented honeycomb-cell technology, so you can be sure your car parts will be kept safe from harm during their journey.
  • Extremely lightweight: PALLITE® shipping crates are exceptionally lightweight weighing in from just 12.4kg per crate. This can deliver considerable savings right through the supply chain, from reduced fuel costs, to cheaper air freight. With PALLITE® paper pallets far lighter than wooden pallets, you could reduce your transit packaging weights by as much as 80%.
  • Transport more parts in the same space: With PALLITE® you can maximise your container and vehicle capacity by opting for a customised packaging and crate solution. Our in-house CAD designers can work with you to create paper pallets and boxes to provide an exact fit for your available consignment space. Depending on how your business currently stacks pallets, you could transport over 28% more items by switching to PALLITE® shipping containers.
  • Bespoke fitments for safer journeys: With the aid of our cutting-edge CNC machines we can create customised packaging inserts and cradles for your shipping crates to ensure a snug fit for your automotive parts. This prevents goods from moving whilst in transit, keeping them free from damage – and enables you to reduce the amount of protective packaging required around items – reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Environmentally-friendly: PALLITE® products are manufactured from more than 80% recycled materials, and they’re 100% recyclable. Our standard paper pallets are generally designed for one trip, at which point they can be easily recycled. Using cardboard boxes instead of plastic or wooden alternatives also eliminates any need  to spend significant amounts of money having pallets transported back to your premises – cutting down your carbon emissions. (Our premium pallets can be re-used for several journeys).
  • ISPM15 exempt: Our sustainable pallets and shipping containers are made from cardboard and therefore are not required to undergo heat treatment before being exported. PALLITE® products are a cheaper and more sustainable option than traditional wooden pallets, if you’re shipping items abroad.
  • Reduces scope 3 emissions: PALLITE® cardboard products can help you cut your Scope 3 emissions. Our lightweight pallets, shipping crates, layer boards and void fill reduce the weight of your car parts in transit, lowering your carbon footprint.

Effective, sustainable car spares packaging: PALLITE® has the solution

For a more cost-effective solution to filling space in shipping boxes PALLITE® ‘s EcoSHRED void fill is designed to reduce vibrations and movement and it’s ideal for use between any container that requires cushioning between the product and outer packaging.

Made from shredded honeycomb cardboard EcoSHRED provides a sustainable, eco-friendly protective packaging solution. By switching from polystyrene and foam void fill to EcoShred you can say goodbye to the Single use Plastic Packaging Tax too.

A customised sustainable packaging solution for automotive parts: EcoLITE

PALLITE® EcoLITE is lightweight and made from the same innovative honeycomb cell technology as our other paper-based products. In fact EcoLITE is so strong it is pound-for-pound stronger than steel making it the perfect material to protect and cushion valuable car parts.

We can also provide you with a customised EcoLITE sustainable packaging solution for your automotive parts, from easy to tear off honeycomb cardboard pads and void fill, to corner protectors, box liners or any other type of protective packaging you may require.

And we can manufacture your customised packaging solution in super quick time at our UK manufacturing facility.

How PALLITE® helped manufacturer Torin-Sifan save money on transportation – and go greener

Torin-Sifan is a leading manufacturer of fans and ventilation equipment. They were determined to be proactive about their environmental impact and were looking for an eco-friendly, cost-effective, alternative to the chipboard protective packaging they were currently using to transport items.

They switched to PALLITE®’s honeycomb cardboard layer pads, a move that not only resulted in lighter loads and lowered their fuel consumption, but meant they could reduce their carbon footprint for goods in transit.

By switching to PALLITE® products you’ll be helping to preserve the earth’s precious resources. You’ll also be able to make significant cost savings, and keep your automotive parts safe and secure whilst in transit.

If you’d like to find out more about PALLITE’s innovative logistics solutions we’d love to hear from you. Once we’ve assessed your business requirements we’ll identify the best solution for your business – whether that’s a standalone or fully customised solution.

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