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turtleson using PALLITE's unit for stock

About Turtleson

Turtleson was founded by two friends in 2011, who wanted to create a brand that fit their active lifestyles.

Based out of Bristol, Tennessee, Turtleson offers fresh takes on classic menswear for occasions when looking great is the only option.

So, when Turtleson reached out to PALLITE for a fresh take on their warehouse… we understood the assignment.

turtleson apparel storage

Main Reasons for Turtleson choosing PALLITE’s PIX

We worked with Turtleson to provide a warehouse solution to meet their goals:

• Flexibility - just like any quarter zip, versatility is crucial. Turtleson desired flexibility in their pick face dimensions to flex around their items.

• Durability - Tired of replacing corrugated bin boxes, Turtleson sought a solution with the substance to see out the years.

• Ease of picking - Rather than lips which have a tendency to rip and tear, Turtleson wanted sloped pick faces to keep products in place.

robotics in warehouse

Integration with Six River Systems

Six River Systems’ Chuck, serves as a GPS for associates. A visual preview of the pick path and next destination allows the Turtleson team to move more quickly, as well as spot and clear any potential obstacles that may hinder speed and productivity.

Using real time data to determine the optimal time for a picker to switch from one Chuck to another. This enables associates to spend more time picking products and less time walking.

tutrleson using PALLITE PIX units to optimise storage

The Outcome

• Flexibility, scalability, and customization of pick location dimensions.

• Greater durability provides long term cost savings. Frequent replacement of pick bins is no longer required.

• Increased storage space due to uniformity of pick bin alignment, allows for tighter aisles.

• Reduced price per pick location.

“The PIX storage solution has been a game changer for us. As a clothing retailer, we need to adapt to the seasons, from lighter items in summer to bulkier items in the colder months. Customised dimensions with the ability to swap and change pick faces has given us the flexibility we need as an agile business.”

“Storage density has improved and picking locations per square foot has increased due to uniformity of pick bin alignment. This allows for tighter aisles.”

“Combines sustainability with functionality.”

Turtleson Testimonial

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