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Tailor made shipping crate for sensitive medical equipment


The Brief

A company that specialises in creating complex medical devices approached us asking for our help in creating them a shipping box that can keep their machines safe during transit. The product is extremely fragile and contains several sensitive components and glass that can be damaged when in transit. The client had been using wooden crates that create substantial vibrations when being shipped via airfreight, which increases the risk of the products arriving damaged.

Their main goals were to:

  • Create a shipping crate that would be able to transport a highly fragile and expensive medical device.
  • Replace the standard wooden shipping crates that the company was using with an option that would reduce the risk of damage by absorbing the vibration the crate receives in transit.
  • Assemble protective packaging that can be placed into the crate in order to prevent the glass and sensitive equipment from moving and breaking.
  • Lower the cost of the shipment when sending the crates via airfreight by reducing the overall weight.
  • Have a product that can be fully recycled with no part going to landfill once it reaches its destination.
A custom shipping crate that we at PALLITE created to distribute medical equipment

Our Solution

After being shown the specifications of the machines that the company was distributing to the clients, we were able to come up with a design that could match their needs. We created several custom CNC inserts that allow the product to be placed into the crate and fit snuggly, reducing the movement that the products encounter. By doing this the product can be safely transported and have a minimal risk of arriving damaged.

Our bespoke solution involved:

• Combining our honeycomb shipping crate and custom CNC inserts to reduce the risk of movement or damage to the product.

• Design a crate that matches the dimensions of the product that will be shipped globally.

• Create custom inserts that will help secure the product by further reducing movement and helping to absorb the vibrations that the shipping crate experience in transit to prevent the product from absorbing these.

• Our shipping crates are up to 83% lighter than comparable wooden shipping crates, saving the customer money when being shipped.

• All our materials are 100% sustainable making the crate and protective packaging fully recyclable once it arrives at its location.

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The Outcome

By working with us the company was able to revolutionise their distribution chain whilst also improving their sustainability.

Our products have allowed the customer to:

  • Fully move away from timber shipping crates and switched to our ISPM15 exempt shipping crates.
  • By using our custom shipping crates the client was able to reduce the risk of their products arriving damaged and no longer needs to send replacement devices.
  • Our shipping crates weigh as little as 12.4kg and thanks to this weight reduction the client has been able to save money due to the reduction in their CO2 emissions.
  • Everything that we provided was 100% recyclable, meaning nothing will be sent to landfill once the product has been delivered.

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