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Sustainable shipping crate for a high value tooling component

High value tooling shipping crate designed by PALLITE

The Brief

We were contacted by a company that produces and distributes a high value tooling component that wanted to ensure its products arrived in the US safely. Each shipping crate needed to hold 20 units that weighed on average 7kg per unit.


Their goals were to:

  • Send their shipments securely to the US via airfreight and sea-freight and bring down their shipping cost if possible.
  • Utilise protective packaging that can secure each component safely and reduce the risk of them arriving damaged.
  • Move away from the traditional timber shipping crates for a more sustainable and ISPM 15 exempt alternative.
Sustainable shipping crate for high value tooling equipment

Our Solution

Once we understood the requirements and issues that the company wanted to avoid, we were able to design a product that would be right for them. After being sent the specifications for their products we were able to design a customisable shipping crate that can hold all 20 units in place.

By working with the company, we were able to:
• Create a shipping crate that could support all 20 units and hold their combined weight when being shipped.
• Create custom CNC inserts that support the products and reduces the vibrations that the shipping crate and product will receive during transit.
• By using our bespoke shipping crate and protective packaging we can provide the customer with a fully recyclable solution.

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The Outcome

Once our design had been discussed and finalised with the client, we were able to create and distribute our bespoke shipping crate and CNC inserts that could be used straight away.


We were able to produce a product that:

  • Was quick to assemble and capable of speeding up the distribution process by increasing their efficiency when packing the crates.
  • Sustainable shipping crate that can hold up to 500kg when in transit and is up to 83% lighter than heat treated shipping crates.
  • Reduce vibrations that the products receive during transit thanks to our products ability to absorb and disperse vibrations when in transit.
  • Negate the risks of products arriving damaged by supporting them throughout their journey via airfreight and ship-freight.
  • Helped the company reduce their carbon emissions and increase their sustainability by providing them with a product that can be fully recycled once it reaches its end.

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