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Recyclable Shipping Crate for high value products

Custom shipping crate for fragile products

The Brief

We were approached by a company that wanted a sustainable and secure solution to safely deliver a selection of their high value goods. The company was placing their product in a corrugate box that was filled with non-recyclable expanding foam to protect the product.


The company was looking to:

  • Fully replace their non sustainable packaging and send their products using 100% recyclable materials.
  • Secure their products during transit and reduce the risk of the products being damaged upon arrival.
  • Switch to a product that is ISPM15 exempt.
Custom shipping crate for fragile products

The Outcome

Thanks to the product designs that company sent over we were able to create a shipping crate that completely replaced their current method of shipping.

By switching to PALLITE® the company has:
• Reduced the risk of potential damage caused to the products by creating a custom design that fully encompasses the product.

• By switching to our fully sustainable shipping crate the customer can move away from using no-recyclable toxic material that can be fully disposed of when it reaches its destination.

• This has allowed the company to increase its productivity by removing additional steps that the company was needing to take in order to send their product.

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