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virtu solar tubes

Solar Energy

VIRTU Solar heat and power tubes.

Naked Energy are focussed on accelerating the transition to net zero carbon by decarbonising heat – responsible for over half (51%) of all energy demand globally.
PALLITE was tasked with providing a new packaging design to align with Naked Energy's goals of the three ‘Rs’ in sustainability practices: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

An important milestone in the company’s vision to change energy for good.
Their VIRTU Solar heat and power tubes represent a new and revolutionary category of solar technology, delivering:
✓ More energy in less space
✓ up to 3.5 times the carbon savings (when compared with PV)
✓ up to 50% greater returns
✓ A versatile and beautiful solution delivering on ESG targets

The Virtu product range is suitable for end-consumers with a constant heat demand such as hospitals, new residential and multi-dwelling residential developments, hospitality, leisure centres as well as different forms of manufacturing, incl. food & beverage.

Decarbonising heat globally, one roof top and façade at a time.

naked energy before shot

Eliminate Existing Polystyrene Packaging


Provide an alternative packaging solution to replace the existing polystyrene spacers.

Sustainability in mind but provide and improve on the packaging functionality to protect the solar tubes in transit.

Stability – protect each consignment of 16 tubes in transit and help prevent damage. Often during high level lifting to roof tops.

Re-use - allow for the re-use of the packaging spacers for further shipping consignments.

Waste - reduce packaging waste by the re-use of the packaging.

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“Our Installation Manager Ruairi worked closely with PALLITE to re-design the packaging of our solar thermal collectors.

Before this every Virtu tube came in an individual single use cardboard box which had to be compacted on site and sent to recycling. This added extra costs to the installation and generated additional work for the installers on site.“

CEO Naked Energy

Pallite sustainable packaging reduces waste and saves on cost

sustainable packaging solution naked energy

Providing Protection and Stability in Transit


PALLITE® presented a bespoke sustainable packaging solution for the protection and stability of the solar tubes using:

4 x laminates providing 160mm depth supports at each end of the tubes suspending the 16 stack.
Sustainable packaging solution
Easily recycled after use
Manufactured in the UK
Competitive pricing

Short lead times

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“Working with PALLITE really made all the difference.

The new packaging design is a reduction of CO2 emissions per tube by reducing the packaging volume from 60kg per pallet to 14kg – a reduction of 77%.

CEO Naked Energy

pallite reduce co2 emissions and protect solar tubes in transit

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