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Custom shipping crates for sensitive monitoring equipment

Custom PALLITE shipping crate for fragile monitoring equipment
Non recyclable expanding foam being used as packaging

The Brief

We were asked by a company that produces sensitive monitoring equipment to create a product that would ensure their equipment was delivered safely, undamaged and in fully sustainable packaging.

From our conversation with this company, we established:
• The product was highly fragile and can be damaged easily.

• It can become damaged from vibrations or if it becomes loose from the protective packaging.

• The product was being shipped using a plastic liner and expanding foam, which are not recyclable materials and often end in landfill.

Custom PALLITE shipping crate for fragile monitoring equipment

Our Solution

Using our PALLITE® Shipping Crates and custom inserts, we knew we could create a product that would meet all their requirements. After receiving the specifications of the product, we were able to create a design that would securely hold the product and help the customer reach their goals.

This was possible by:
• Using our CNC machine to create a custom outline that the product would slot into when being shipped.

• By combining our shipping boxes and customised inserts we can reduced the number of vibrations that the products would experience.

• All our products are fully recyclable upon delivery and remove the need for an expanding foam insert.

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