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Custom shipping crate for the automotive industry


The Brief

A prestigious automotive component manufacturer approached us after they noticed their products were arriving damaged upon delivery. Due to their products arriving damaged the company was needing to send out replacement parts with no guarantee that the outcome would be different.

They wanted to:

  • Replace the traditional timber shipping crates that they were using to reduce shipping costs.
  • Use a bespoke shipping crate that protects their product when it is shipped via air freight or sea-freight.
  • Switch to a sustainable shipping crate that can be recycled after it was used.
  • Move to a shipping solution that means they don’t need to send out replacement products due to damage they received in transit.
PALLITE automotive shipping crate

The Outcome

Once the design had be finalised with the customer, we were able to produce a shipping crate that allowed them to switch to a sustainable option that featured protective packaging for their products. Thanks to our design team, production team and CNC machine we were able to fulfil their order to their desired specifications and time frame.

We provided them with shipping crates that met their targets:
• Capable of protecting their products during its journey.

• Reduce the vibrations that the shipping crate and products would experience during transit.

• Reduce the weight of each shipment by switching from timber to our honeycomb cardboard.

• Provide a shipping crate and inserts that were 100% recyclable upon delivery.

• Have the shipping crate integrate with the assembly line to increase the productivity of the company’s distribution network.

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