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A fully adaptable shipping crate


The Brief

We were tasked by a company to create a custom shipping crate that had the capability of supporting the placement of up to six different components. The company wanted to have the option of storing up to six components per shipping crate to reduce the orders that it was sending out. Additionally, they wanted to move away from ‘Heat Treated’ timber that they were using and begin using more sustainable options.

Their main objectives were to:

  • Create a shipping crate that was fully adjustable allowing the company to send between one and six different components.
  • By sending a maximum of six components the company would be able to save space when shipping along with storage space.
  • Remove away from the traditional timber shipping crates that need to be ‘heat treated’ before they are sent out for distribution.
  • Be adaptable to change the amount that can be shipped in every shipment, whilst ensuring that all products arrive safe and undamaged.
  • Use fully sustainable materials that can be 100% recycled upon reaching its end of life.
A fully adaptable shipping crate that can change based on the products being shipped

Our Solution

After discussing with the company our plans on how we could achieve their targets and were given their product dimensions. This allowed us to create the perfect solution that could help fit their needs.

• We needed to create a shipping crate that can be adjustable to fit the product consignment using a selection of CNC inserts.

• Due to the number of components being shipped varying per delivery we needed to reduce the risk of movement and vibration that the shipping box would experience on its journey.

• Supply a fully sustainable packing and shipping solution that can improve the companies carbon footprint.

• Reduce the cost of each shipment due to sending a lighter shipping crate that brings down the cost per shipment via airfreight or sea-freight.

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The Outcome

By switching to PALLITE the company was able to:

  • Move away from timber shipping crates that were heat treated and switch to a sustainable ISPM 15 exempt crate.
  • Save money on every shipment by reducing their carbon footprint by sending a lighter crate.
  • Send their products with confidence knowing that their products are secured throughout their journey and that the risk of dangerous vibrations is minimised.
  • Switched to a fully sustainable product that can be completely recycled upon delivery.

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