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Optimise Your Warehouse with PALLITE®’s PIX: Customisable and Lightweight Solutions

PIX SLOTS flexible warehouse storage solution

Introduction to PALLITE® PIX®

Written by David Rose

PALLITE PIX® products are innovative, sustainable storage solutions designed to revolutionise warehouse organisation systems. PIX® storage units are lightweight, strong, and eco-friendly, and provide a welcome alternative to traditional cardboard and wooden packaging materials.

Constructed with a unique honeycomb core, PIX® warehouse organisation supplies offer exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, while being fully recyclable.

PALLITE® PIX® items include pallets, pallet boxes, layer pads, warehouse organisation bins, and slots, all of which are not only durable, but customisable, to meet specific business needs. By choosing PIX® storage products you can reduce your environmental footprint, whilst enhancing your supply chain efficiencies.

PALLITE®’s Award-Winning Innovation

PALLITE® PIX® products have garnered acclaim as award-winning innovations in the packaging and warehousing industry. Our products’ revolutionary approach, centred around an innovative honeycomb structure, have earned recognition for their sustainability, efficiency, and design.

PIX® solutions’ ability to reduce transport costs, minimise environmental impact, and enhance supply chain efficiency, has been acknowledged by industry experts. We’re proud to have been recognised by “The Voice of the UK Logistics Industry”, the UKWA, for our eco-friendly solutions and now have two prestigious UKWA Awards under our belt, for Excellence in Sustainability.

Sustainability at the Forefront

PALLITE® PIX® is committed to producing 100% recyclable products, illustrating our dedication to environmental sustainability. Products are also made right here in the UK, using ethically sourced paper sources, promoting responsible forestry practices, safeguarding ecosystems, and boosting biodiversity.

By using sustainably sourced materials our products also help to combat illegal logging, deforestation, and the associated carbon emissions. When you opt for  PIX® paper products you can rest assured you’re aligning your company with the values of sustainability – whilst also benefiting from products that are high quality, durable and recyclable.

If you’d like to know how pallite pix’s storage solutions could help you reduce your emissions, then why not give the PALLITE® Sustainability Calculator a go?

Strength and Versatility of PALLITE® Products

A common misconception about paper products like PALLITE® PIX® is that they lack strength and durability. In fact this perception couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to PIX® products – since they are engineered to provide exceptional strength and robustness.

PIX® warehouse organisation systems can withstand heavy loads. Pick units can hold up to 500 kg, while pick-faces are strong enough to withstand up to 1100 lbs in each PALLITE® PIX® storage unit. This makes them suitable for various industrial applications, and for a wide variety of inventory items.

PIX®: The Ultimate Warehouse Storage Solution

Whether you’re a 3PL provider or run your own operations, dealing with large numbers of SKUs can be challenging. Failing to adjust your warehouse shelving and storage bins to facilitate changing inventory types can create picking inefficiencies, with poor space optimisation another problem.

  • PALLITE® PIX® storage solutions allow you to create clearly divided, well-organised storage bins that have plenty of space for labels and tags. This means staff will be able to find products with ease. Single-sided PIX® units are ideal for use in pallet racking bays, while PIX®  twin units, which feature pick-faces on two sides, make an ideal standalone warehouse shelving solution.
  • PIX® storage solutions are easy to move whether they’re full or empty via forklift without any need for specialist equipment.
  • PIX® storage units are easy to build and dismantle, and systems can be fully flat-packed when they’re not needed, saving on valuable warehouse space.
  • PIX® storage systems are flexible to your changing product requirements – with quick easy-to-fit interchangeable dividers. Pick-face volumes can be easily doubled by removing dividers, or if you’re dealing with smaller items, a reduced pick-face profile can be achieved by using PIX® Multipliers.

Optimising Warehouses with PIX®

PALLITE®  PIX® products’ versatility and sturdiness allow for more efficient space utilisation and are versatile to enable you to make quick inventory changes. Our warehouse organisation supplies are designed to help you meet the ever  more challenging demands of modern business.

Here’s a quick roundup of some of our best-selling products.


PALLITE® PIX® SLOTS are our light weight range of warehouse storage units that are ideal if you deal with fast-moving smaller SKUs.

PIX® Warehouse storage unit


PIX® SLOTS ANGLED are simple and efficient warehouse storage units designed to boost pick efficiencies and reduce walk sequences. Pickers have full pick-face access to products since there are no lips or built-up edges in the way.

PIX® H Slots Angled single sided 24 pick bin

PIX® XL Bin Box

These industrial-use warehouse organisation bins can accommodate larger inventory items. They’re lightweight and can hold up to 25 kg across each pick bin. Customer labels and barcodes are easy to attach improvising pick accuracies.

Empty PIX bin box

Case Studies: Real-world Successes with PIX®

PALLITE®  group works with supply chain professionals across the globe. By moving to Pix’s lighter, e environmentally-friendly warehouse organisation systems our customers have experienced increased efficiencies and productivity. We worked with leading water technology company Best Water Technology (BWT) to help them improve their use of warehouse space, reduce picking errors and reduce walk sequences.

By replacing their existing pallets with PIX® SLOTS storage units BWT were able to gain extra space, while storing items more efficiently. This worked to increase pick speeds and drastically reduce picking errors.

If you, like BWT, would like to revolutionise your warehouse environment with minimal disruption or outlay get in touch with us today at PALLITE®  Group. We would love to tell you more about our products and services, and how they could improve your current operations. There’s the option to create your own optmised warehouse organisation storage systems –  or let us do the hard work –  and manufacture a bespoke solution to meet your exact needs.

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