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Why is PIX™ a good fit for apparel warehousing?

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Warehousing apparel presents warehouse managers with a wealth of logistical challenges. Not only do they need to store a large, diverse inventory, but storage needs to be well-organized and flexible in order to respond rapidly to seasonal demands. And there’s also the additional burden of having to deal with large volumes of returns.

In this post we’ll illustrate how PIX™ warehousing storage solutions could be a great fit for your apparel warehousing. Not only can they help you maximize your storage capacity and enable you to store items more efficiently, but PIX™ systems give you the flexibility you need to meet the demands of this fast-paced industry.

Effective apparel warehousing management involves:

  • Maximizing your storage space
  • Streamlining your picking and sorting processes
  • Rotating your items regularly according to seasonal change
  • Optimizing your returns processing
  • Keeping your costs as low as possible

Meeting all the above criteria isn’t easy, however PIX™ storage solutions can help. Our storage units provide a quick, easy, way to upgrade your current apparel warehousing and boost efficiencies, without having to resort to buying and building expensive new infrastructure.

As well as helping you maximize your apparel storage, PIX™ storage solutions allow you to improve important processes like sorting, managing inventory and fulfilling orders – leading to faster turnaround times and reduced operational costs.

What’s even better about PIX™ warehouse storage solutions is that they’re not only practical and robust, but sustainable too, so you can improve your warehousing operations whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Warehouse storage solutions to advance flexible working space for efficient picking

PIX™: A new approach to apparel warehousing management

PIX™ storage solutions can help you achieve:

Optimized warehouse layout design

Space equals money when it comes to apparel warehousing. PIX™ storage solutions can help you reduce the amount of space you need to store your products. By combining storage bins, and adding units as and when inventory levels increase or decrease, you can adjust your space according to your needs. Storage units can be flat packed and stored away neatly when not required.

PALLITE™ PIX™ SLOTS warehouse storage solutions take just minutes to build, without any need for tools. Shelving systems can be quickly assembled, reassembled, or expanded, to meet your changing needs, and the shelf heights can be easily adapted, and positioned at varying heights within racks. Lightweight dividers make it easy to create sections so you can organize products efficiently.

Since you can build PIX™ storage solutions to suit your exact requirements, whenever and whenever you want, you can be sure your warehouse storage space is being used as efficiently as possible.

Efficient picking and sorting

PIX™ units allow you to organize your warehouse layout so that every single item can be identified and located in a fraction of a second, ensuring shipments leave the warehouse before deadlines, with no unnecessary delivery delays.

PIX™ storage systems allow for multiple items to be organized for ease of picking, offering the most efficient configuration of pick-faces. PIX™ SLOTS storage bins can be designed with up to 4 pick-faces to 400 to suit your unique picking methods. Units have smooth shelf edges so you can see clearly into each compartment (and the fact that they’re smooth also helps to prevent delicate materials getting caught or torn).

With PIX™ products you can create parallel-aisle arrangements to help you cut down on travelling time when picking items. This can also improve warehouse efficiency and flow, allowing employees to pass easily between lines and allow you to maximize storage space and avoid any wasted areas.

Robust inventory management

Keeping an accurate inventory count is a major pain point for apparel warehouse managers because there are so many designs, patterns and styles, not to mention respective sizes. Errors in everyday and regular counts, or mistakes made during order picking can lead to big discrepancies in actual counts compared to actual inventory held.

When products are clearly labelled and reflect vendor codes and dates of arrival, traceability times can be significantly reduced.

PIX storage solutions are designed to leave space for customer labels and barcodes, ensuring items are accurately tagged and easy to count, making it easy to keep tabs on inventory. This allows you to clearly divide and organize your inventory, so you can identify products with ease. Defective batches can be quickly located too to prevent them from entering circulation.

Optimized stock rotation

The apparel industry experiences rapid seasonal shifts. If you miss the right time to rotate, sales will be lost, and you’ll be left with large volumes of dead stock.

PIX™ range of lightweight storage units can help you cope with seasonal fluctuations as well as help you deal with rapidly changing SKUs, which need to be regularly re-located. Our storage bins can be quickly re-configured to adapt to any and all your changing product requirements and they can be easily moved by forklifts and reconfigured to suit seasonal demands.

Efficient returns management

Clothing and shoes are some of the most often returned items. This presents apparel warehouse managers with a big headache since returned apparel needs to be received, scanned, sorted and returned to the warehouse as quickly as possible to be sold again. Returns are difficult to plan for, and impact on precious warehouse space.

PIX shelving systems with multiple tiers and shelf dividers to help with sorting and directly restocking returned goods. PIX™ systems are mobile too, and can be moved quickly if you need to change your floor layouts.

If you experience exceptionally high return rates it could be a good idea to set up a dedicated returns warehouse fitted with PIX™ storage units.


PIX: Designed to help you meet the challenges of apparel warehousing

The fashion industry is notorious for its seasonal fluctuations and unpredictable demand patterns. Finding the most efficient storage solutions is key to becoming more efficient so you can maximize your bottom line and stay competitive in a crowded marketplace.

PIX™ storage solutions are ideal for all your apparel warehousing needs. Not only are our units flexible and adaptable, but they’re strong, durable, lightweight, and mobile.

 If you’re looking for ways to maximize space, adopt more agile processes, reduce costs and keep your customers even happier, call us today. A friendly member of our team will help you identify the right products for your business – or help you create a bespoke option.

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