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How Totes can Improve your Warehouse Storage


In the dynamic world of warehouse management every space counts. As SKUs continue to expand, warehouse operations need to become faster, and more efficient.

Warehouses need to be super-organized, since losing track of stock can have big negative consequences. With 50% of businesses pinpointing a shortage of warehouse space as their biggest challenge, making optimal use of space is another crucial consideration.

In this post we’ll discover that you can significantly improve these, and other, aspects of warehouse storage, by switching to PALLITE™ Inc’s new and innovative storage totes.

Challenges of storing smaller items in warehouses

Positioning and storing smaller, more delicate, items in the warehouse can be problematic, especially when dealing with a large number of SKUs. Being able to organize items efficiently, and preferably close together, is a challenge faced by many warehouse managers.

It’s also often difficult to make items easily accessible, whilst keeping them safe from harm.

The need to constantly move and rearrange items, if not performed efficiently, can lead to a decrease in productivity, with valuable time lost, as staff navigate their way through aisles.

From clutter, and inefficiency, to the risk of damage, traditional storage totes often fall short when it comes to efficiently organizing smaller items. They often lack the durability to withstand the demands of a busy, high-traffic environment, leading to frequent replacements and increased costs.

The limitations of traditional storage totes

Totes have been a fixture in warehouses for many years. However, traditional plastic totes tend to be cumbersome and inflexible, while most standard cardboard storage boxes are too fragile to store delicate pieces of equipment safely.

Collection of PALLITE Totes

Introducing PALLITE™ Inc’s innovative, warehouse storage solutions

PALLITE Inc sustainable totes provide a new and revolutionary storage solution to address the pain points of traditional warehousing. Our totes can help you improve pick efficiencies, and reduce walk sequences, ultimately boosting overall productivity and your bottom line.

  • Lightweight and robust: PALLITE™  totes are manufactured from cardboard, based on a unique patented honeycomb design, which gives them an unparalleled strength. While they’re strong, totes are incredibly lightweight. Each cardboard tote for warehouses is capable of holding up to 15kg while weighing less than 2.5kg. Their robust design also means they’ll maintain their form even after being used extensively.
  • Fully customizable: With a variety of depths available, these totes can be tailored to fit the unique needs of any business, in order to maximize warehouse space and efficiency. Our inhouse team of UK designers can create bespoke cardboard storage boxes, and pick bins, to ensure space in the warehouse is used to optimal capacity. Our custom-sized picking bins can be quickly manufactured to fit existing racking, or shelving configurations.
  • Can be integrated with other PALLITE™ storage solutions: Totes integrate with PALLITE™ PIX™ products to improve warehouse efficiency ever further, while improving your sustainability. These include our PIX™ XL Bin Boxes, layer pads, pallets, packaging, shipping crates, and void fill.
  • Sustainable: A 100% sustainable product, PALLITE™ Inc’s totes are an eco-conscious choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental footprint.
  • UK manufacture: Our cardboard totes are made in the UK, minimizing carbon emissions from transport.
  • Stackable: With the ability to be stacked on top of each other, PALLITE™’s modular warehouse storage solutions minimize the need for excessive walking, enhancing productivity and pick rates. They also come in a range of sizes, to ensure they’ll integrate seamlessly with your current warehouse setup.
  • Quick Assembly: Handholds and quick assembly mechanisms ensure that totes can be put into action swiftly, minimizing downtime, and maximizing operational efficiency. There’s no need for any specialist equipment, glue, or staples, so they present a safe assembly solution for staff.
  • Cost-effective: PALLITE™’s warehouse pick bins are a cost-effective alternative to traditional solutions.

PALLITE™ cardboard tote for warehouses: A streamlined, sustainable solution for a variety of industries

PALLITE™ storage totes are Ideal for a range of industries including eCommerce, aerospace, automotive, and many different types of manufacturers. With their high strength, and inherent cushioning nature, they meet the needs of delicate parts’ storage far better than plastic boxes. The honeycomb paperboard can help prevent items from vibrations, buffering and shocks.

With PALLITE™ totes you can create an effective storage solution that can accommodate a variety of item types and sizes, and make sure that they’re easily accessible. Even when vast numbers of items are involved, you can still maintain an accurate inventory, whilst remaining reassured that items will be kept free from damage and contamination.

PALLITE™: A future-proof modular warehouse storage solution

The warehouse is not just a passive element in the supply chain, it’s one of its most strategic elements. If you’re not managing your warehouse efficiently you can run into big difficulties, or even bring your supply chain to a complete halt.

Slow, inefficient, and unproductive warehouse operations could be slowing you down, and impacting your ROI. Running out of warehouse space, or finding it difficult to locate goods in your warehouse, due to poor storage procedures, is an everyday problem.

PALLITE™ Inc can help you overcome these challenges, without the necessity of investing in expensive infrastructure, or experiencing any lengthy downtime, or disruption to operations.

PALLITE™ Inc’s sustainable totes offer a game-changing solution to the ongoing challenges of warehouse storage. By combining durability, sustainability, and efficiency, PALLITE™ totes provide you with a more streamlined, and environmentally friendly form of warehouse management.

Want to know more? Call us today to find out how you can make fast, inexpensive improvements to your supply chain, and give your business the competitive advantage.

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