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Do you dream of a more environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap, polystyrene, foam packaging, peanuts, and single use plastic to protect your products in transit?

Enter EcoLITE…

What is EcoLITE sustainable protective packaging?

EcoLITE is a range of 100% recyclable honeycomb paper cardboard packaging and void fill manufactured by PALLITE® Group for use as inserts to secure and protect products in transit.

Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, EcoLITE can be sold on pallets by the sheet and torn to size as needed, or cut to bespoke designs, providing a sustainable alternative to polystyrene and foam cradles, box liners, edge and corner protection, bearers, and void fill.

When used in conjunction with the other sustainable packaging products in the PALLITE® Group range including paper pallets, shipping pallet boxes or export crates and layer pads, EcoLITE offers businesses a more environmentally friendly way to transport their products, safe in the knowledge they will be protected during the journey.

How does EcoLITE sustainable packaging work? The science behind paper honeycomb cardboard

As with all the products in the PALLITE® Group range, EcoLITE packaging is made from just two things: recycled paper and PVA glue. Layers of paper are bonded with glue and sandwiched around more paper in the form of honeycomb-shaped cells.

It is this paper honeycomb that gives EcoLITE its protective properties. A recognised construction technology originating in nature and used in automotive manufacturing, furniture craft and a variety of other areas of industry, the honeycomb shape adds rigidity and strength, allowing EcoLITE to effectively absorb impact. This ensures products are protected in transit, even if their packaging is knocked, dropped or compressed.

Honeycomb paper cardboard is space efficient and pound-for-pound stronger than steel, making it an ideal material for use in protective packaging.

EcoLITE sustainable packaging for right-sizing

Industry research suggests rightsizing may reduce package sizes by as much as 40%. Smaller packages, meanwhile, translate to less space required in warehouses to store goods, a smaller pallet footprint and reduced shipping costs due to higher volumes per load.

What’s not to like?

At PALLITE® Group, our in-house team of designers work with customers across a wide range of industries to design bespoke EcoLITE packaging solutions specific to a product’s dimensions and shipping requirements.

We design custom protective cradles for items ranging from the smallest of industrial components to large and expensive automotive parts like car engines, preventing them from moving around and becoming damaged in transit.

Why switch to EcoLITE?

The reasons to switch away from polystyrene, Stratocell, blue foam and other polyethylene (PE) protective packaging products to EcoLITE are simple: your customers will prefer its flexibility, eco-friendly properties and that its easily recyclable.

Customers prefer a sustainable alternative.

A Paper and Packaging Board (PPB) survey found 71% of consumers were more likely to buy from brands that packaged their products in paper or cardboard. The ‘unboxing’ trend on social media is testament to the power of paper-based packaging to create a positive user experience equivalent to the pleasure gained from shopping in store.

A large part of the reason why consumers like paper and cardboard packaging is the fact that it is a more sustainable alternative to single use plastic equivalents, and many people are increasingly concerned about the impact of their choices on people and planet.

Which brings us to…

It’s the right thing to do.

It’s no surprise that governments around the world are legislating to reduce the use of single-use plastic packaging like polystyrene and EPS foam. In the UK, companies using plastic packaging with recycled content of less than 30% are subject to additional taxation. The UK Government has also pledged to make all plastic packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

This is because more than 70% of single-use plastic packaging has been shown to end up in landfill or be illegally dumped or littered. Most plastics are not biodegradable, with the worst offenders taking thousands of years to break down, harming wildlife and ecosystems in the process.

In fact, research by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation estimates a staggering eight million tonnes of microplastics leak into the ocean each year, equivalent to dumping the contents of a lorryload of household waste into the water every minute. By 2050, scientists have estimated that, by weight, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean – unless significant action is taken right now to reduce plastic consumption.

In contrast, paper and cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable after use, and anything that is not recycled and gets sent to landfill breaks down quickly into the soil without causing any harm.

Ethically sourced virgin paper is made from young trees removed to support sustainable forest growth, or from wood chips produced as waste at sawmills.

EcoLITE is made from recycled paper, which is even better for the environment as it requires 65% less energy to manufacture, reduces water pollution by 35%, and lowers air pollution by 74%.

Recycling EcoLITE at end-of-life results in new corrugated products of the same quality, making it a solution fit for the circular economy.

In conclusion…

Businesses no longer need to rely on the likes of polystyrene inserts or foam packaging peanuts to protect their products during shipping.

Paper-based packaging products like EcoLITE offer a genuine and sustainable alternative to polystyrene and foam that will withstand shocks, drops and impacts with ease, and be 100% recyclable at end of life.

The abundance of recycled paper as a raw material, the simplicity of our design and the fact we have extensive manufacturing capabilities on site at our facilities means EcoLITE can also be supplied to very short lead times, with bespoke inserts able to be created and supplied much quicker than their foam and polystyrene alternatives.

Find out more about how switching to EcoLITE sustainable packaging could benefit your business: Get in touch.


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