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Warehouse storage – Why PALLITE® PIX® is the best fit

PIX under racking storage bins

The most efficient logistics operations are those that are well organised. And, when it comes to organisation, the warehouse storage space is key. From fulfilling customer orders, to processing returns and holding vital stock of popular items, warehouses have multiple functions that make them a crucial part of the supply chain and one that everyone benefits from running smoothly.

Well-organised warehouses pick, pack and dispatch orders more quickly, with fewer mistakes. They also hold more stock and can react more quickly to changes in demand and storage bin requirements. Those that process returns and can do so quickly and correctly provide a valuable service for their clients, setting them apart from their competitors.

Key to a well-organised warehouse is the storage bin systems it has in place. Find out more: read our guide to planning your warehouse pick and pack space.

Warehouse storage solutions for optimum organisation

Warehouse storage racking has moved on considerably from the days of simple wooden or metal racking. Those operators still relying on picking from stand alone cardboard boxes or piles of loose stock placed on shelves or in open pallet locations are missing out. The opportunities now available have significantly moved on, providing flexible industrial storage bins that can increase or decrease the number of pick bins relative to each operations needs.

The best warehouse storage solutions can boost picking efficiencies, shorten walk sequences required to fulfil customer orders and reduce the time pickers spend searching for, and identifying, different SKUs. They can increase the warehouse storage capacity and improve its agility to react to changing stock and opportunities for new stock.

PALLITE® PIX®: warehouse storage at its best

At PALLITE® Group, we developed our PIX® sustainable warehouse storage solutions to help meet the demands of busy, modern warehouses.

Lightweight, yet strong enough to hold up to 500kg across each unit, PIX® come with moveable dividers. This allows warehouse operators to flex their storage around the size and shape of their products for enhanced product security and maximum SKU density per square metre of warehouse space, with no loss of product segmentation. These dividers can be inserted with ease and as needed, to accommodate seasonal changes in stock. Meanwhile, shelf edge space is also incorporated into the units for labels and barcodes for fast, accurate product identification during product picking.

Storing small, fast-moving and seasonal SKUs in agile pick faces in this way enables warehouse operators who might otherwise have teams picking from open pallets or shelving to consolidate warehouse pick locations for better use of space, freeing up additional square footage to hold more stock. Consolidating pick locations also shortens walk sequences and significantly reduces picking time when fulfilling customer orders.

Made from the same recycled honeycomb paper cardboard as all our other products, PALLITE® PIX® units slot together in minutes, can be quickly dismantled without the need for any tools, and stored flat-packed when not in use.

Using our existing manufacturing technology and starting with a sustainable raw material (recycled paper) that is available in abundance, means the lead times from order to delivery for our PIX® warehouse storage solutions are much shorter than they would be for wooden or metal racking equivalents, and remain consistently so.

What’s more, PIX® storage bins are 100% recyclable at kerbside at the end of their useful working life.

Whether you’re looking for a standard PIX® shelving unit, a bespoke design to fit a specific area or existing racking, or a topper unit to sit above a pallet space, PALLITE® PIX® has something to offer most businesses looking to improve their warehouse efficiency and organisation.

By switching away from traditional warehouse storage solutions to PIX®, warehouse operators benefit from:

  • Lightweight yet strong storage bins that are easy to lift and reposition, even when fully loaded
  • Ultimate flexibility of shape, size and design
  • Complete versatility in use
  • Improved stock visibility for easy pick and pack
  • More efficient warehouse stock rotation
  • Better use of space, freeing up previously underused square footage to house more stock
  • Faster pick fulfilment of customer orders
  • A sustainable storage solution that is 100% recyclable after use
  • Warehouse storage that is easy to add to or remove at a moment’s notice

Warehouse storage that does the business: What our customers say

Our PIX® units can be found in warehouses across the UK, Europe and the USA, having been chosen by forward-thinking 3PLs and ecommerce fulfilment businesses looking for a fast, flexible storage solution to their stock management challenges that isn’t going to break the bank or harm the planet in the process.

Some of our success stories include the high street fashion retailer that benefitted from 9,000 additional pick locations, delivered within two weeks of their order and built in a single day at a cost, significantly less than metal racking alternatives.

Then there is the leading UK supermarket that reduced the average distance travelled between picks in its warehouse by a whopping 13 metres despite adding in seven times more pick locations thanks to PIX®.

Outdoor clothing and footwear brand Regatta avoided having to install a mezzanine floor at 10 times the price by switching to PALLITE® PIX® storage units instead.

And Best Water Technology (BWT) was able to reduce picking errors and improve pick efficiency while furthering its sustainability goals by replacing inefficient pallet picking locations with our 100% recyclable sustainable warehouse storage solutions.

Read the full case study.

“We wanted a more efficient solution for the storage of the wide variety of small products that we have. We used to have many pallets with only two to three boxes on them. The pallets were often at poor picking heights, which we were able to replace with PIX® units – a huge improvement that has greatly increased our pick speed. We also had several different products on one pallet, all different sizes. This often led to picking errors which are now all but eliminated.”


Check out this video to see the BWT team building 630 extra pick locations in 2.5 hours with PALLITE® PIX®.

To find out more about PALLITE® PIX® sustainable warehouse storage solutions, you can view our dedicated webpages or give our team a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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