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630 PIX® SLOTS units Constructed in 2.5 hours!

strong storage bins for warehousing

Founded in 1990. BWT work globally towards their vision of, perfect water. Today, this passion has enabled them to become Europe's leading water technology company with...

  • More than 5,000 employees
  • Thousands of partners in more than 80 countries worldwide
  • 10 production sites
BWT use their expertise to treat the limited water reserves of our planet to make this resource usable for all – always in harmony with nature.

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bwt multiple pick bins for warehouses
BWT Best Water technology

Choosing the Right Solution.

Our PIX™ SLOTS range is made using a combination of our 25mm and 15mm innovative paper cardboard, with the same honeycomb cell technology we use in all our products. This means PIX SLOTS pick-faces are strong enough to hold and organize smaller components, and durable enough to withstand day-to-day use in busy warehouses, especially where corrugate pick bins may not be strong enough.

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Sustainability is clearly at the core of everything BWT do.

For sure, BWT’s methodology is “for you and planet blue”! Sustainability is a big issue for us. We evaluate everything we do today in terms of our ambitious sustainability goals. PALLITE has taken this goal one step further with their sustainable PIX storage bins.

bwt fast build storage bins

What was the main reason for choosing PIXSLOTS?

We wanted a more efficient solution for the storage of the wide variety of small products that we have. We used to have many pallets with only two to three boxes on them. The pallets were often at poor picking heights which we were able to replace with PIX SLOTS units, a huge improvement that has greatly increased our pick speed. We also had several different products on one pallet, all different sizes, this often led to picking errors which are now all but eliminated.

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