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Honeycomb cell detail

Honeycomb Paper is at our Core

The inherent benefits of honeycomb paper, our core material, includes its versatility and strength. With the purchasing of a new CNC machine, came the flexibility to develop new products for additional industries and sectors.

Innovation Gateway helped accelerate our growth when they invited us to showcase our sustainable products to British based global logistics providers and retail giants. This initiative provided us with some great customers, but no business can stand still, we certainly didn’t, introducing new designs and diversifying our product ranges was essential to remain competitive and fulfil on our growth forecasts.

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Warehouse slitter machine

We're Always Developing and Expanding

2019 - PIX® warehousing storage units.
2020 – The Paper Hive ‘pop-up’ desk
2020 - EcoLITE sustainable packaging solutions.
2021 - PIX®SLOTS lightweight warehousing storage units.
2021 - PIX®SLOTS Angled with rearward slanted shelving for lighter SKUs to stop product falling from pick faces.
2022 - New slitter machine installed at our UK plant
2022 - US manufacturing facility in Milwaukee opens its doors to customers
2023 - PIX® XL Bin Box introduced to store larger SKUs such as coats or duvets.
2023 - EcoSHRED launched, sustainable void fill
2024 - New manufacturing plant open in Westmalle, Belgium

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PIX 24 flexible and strong honeycomb cardboard warehouse storage solution

PALLITE® PIX® was born!

Providing increased efficiency and accuracy for warehouse picking combined with better optimisation of storage space this innovative new storage solution gained instant traction with many of the big apparel retailers. Even before launch in March 2019 PIX® won the prestigious Technical Innovation Award at the UK Warehousing Association’s annual awards, further boosting sales and awareness.

But we didn’t stop there. Realising that whilst our heavy-duty PIX® range was great for some customers there was a need for a lighter weight version of PIX®.

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PIX® SLOTS Angled Launched October 2021

One of the biggest challenges with the growth of ecommerce is poor pick accuracy and inefficiencies in a warehouse which is further exacerbated when small, lightweight SKUs slip from the front of pick bins. We were often faced with customers asking us to add lips or retainers to pick faces to prevent products falling from storage bins.

PIX® SLOTS Angled was designed by our inhouse team to help resolve this problem. A simple, effective and incredibly efficient warehouse storage bin solution with rearward sloping pick bins eliminating time wasted replacing or resorting fallen stock.


PIX® XL Bin Box Launched February 2023

Providing a storage solution for all sizes of products can be a challenge, one unit's specification certainly does not fit all.
Developing a solution to hold larger more bulky SKUs was imperative to be able to achieve the flexibility many customers require.
Optimising warehouse space to be able to adapt to seasonal changes which can mean bulkier products of clothing in the winter compared to the summer.
PIX XL Bin Box was designed to resolve these challenges.
With anything from 3 pick faces in a single sided unit to 6 in a twin.


‘PALLITE® are great, we have worked with them not only using their pallets but also used their flexible PIX® storage bins. They also supported with screens for our counter staff at the start of Covid where many companies struggled to provide solutions.'

British Airways Engineering

PALLITE PIX SLOTS units with a lip on the pick face

PIX® Global Sales

To date we have sold PIX® storage solutions into USA, Australia, Israel, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada and of course across the UK.

We have a huge number of satisfied customers all loving the flexibility of our environmentally friendly PIX® warehouse and storage bin solutions. They really appreciate the flexible nature of the units over more traditional alternatives like stackable cardboard and Correx storage bins.

Bespoke packaging solutions

No expensive tooling charges, long lead times or large minimum order quantities.

Our experienced designers and manufacturing team of professionals can work with you to design a bespoke packaging solution specific to your product specification.

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