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The Rise of Digitisation

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How has Digitisation Transformed the Way Online Retailers Operate?

The rise of digitisation has profoundly impacted how online retailers operate. In this post we’ll examine some of these key transformations, especially with regard to the impact they’re having on warehouse operations. We’ll also examine how innovative warehouse storage solutions like PALLITE® PIX® are helping ecommerce retailers meet the growing demands of online retail operations in the digital age.

Digitalisation and retail: A transformative journey

Digitalisation has allowed online retailers to reach a global customer base without any need for physical storefronts. Retailers can now gather vast amounts of data about their customers and send them tailored product suggestions, heightening levels of customer satisfaction.

The challenges of digitisation in online retail

Digitisation has brought with it significant benefits, but there’s no doubt it’s also presented retailers with some challenges including:

  • Inventory management complexity: Retailers can now expand their product offerings and sell via multiple sales channels, which has led to increased volumes of inventory and a lot of SKU’s to keep tabs on.  It’s therefore become imperative to find more efficient inventory management solutions capable of handling these extra volumes of stock and accompanying logistical complexities.
  • Fulfilment and order accuracy: As online sales volumes have increased, retailers have also had to face the challenge of maintaining timely and accurate order picking and fulfilment. Online retailers also tend to experience a high rate of returns adding to the complexity of managing online retail operations.

Warehouse storage solutions to advance flexible working space for efficient picking

Maximising warehouse efficiency in the digital age

As online retailers grow their businesses in the digital age they need to adapt quickly to market demands and be able to scale their operations by adjusting their storage requirements.

Warehousing storage solutions like PALLITE® PIX®, with their modular design, adjustable racking systems, and flexible layouts, can accommodate changing inventory volumes and adapt to varying product mixes, helping online retailers boost their operational efficiencies. This scalability and flexibility allows retailers to optimise warehouse space, reduce costs, and respond swiftly to market fluctuations.

With retailers now facing such a diversity and increased volume of SKUs it’s essential to maintain picking efficiencies and use space efficiently. PALLITE® PIX®storage systems give retailers the opportunity to organise and make better use of their SKU data.  With PIX® solutions it’s possible to identify the exact storage requirements for each SKU, and adjust warehouse shelves and racks accordingly.

PALLITE® PIX® pick-faces can be doubled by removing vertical dividers or – to accommodate smaller SKUs – profiles can be quickly reduced. PIX® storage systems are made from strong and durable honeycomb paper cardboard featuring a unique technology, so individual compartments, no matter what their size, can withstand the daily repetitive handling requirements of warehouse environments.

PALLITE® PIX®: Adaptable and lightweight ecommerce warehouse storage solutions

PIX® solutions are lightweight compared to traditional storage boxes, making them easy to move and re-configure when inventory levels change, or when new items need to be quickly stocked. They can also be stacked away during quieter periods.

PALLITE® PIX®  products are made from paper derived from sustainable sources and are also fully recyclable at the end of their lifetime. PIX® storage systems not only help online retailers meet the new demands of high volume, ecommerce warehouse operations, but help them meet their sustainability goals.

How PALLITE® PIX®  warehouse storage solutions support digitisation

  • PALLITE® PIX® Warehouse storage solutions can improve your warehouse layout and help you organise your inventory more efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to locate and retrieve products, allowing for more efficient order fulfilment.
  • Pix systems are designed to accommodate features that can enhance order picking and packing and minimise errors. PALLITE® PIX® storage systems allow you to employ barcode scanning and automated inventory tracking so you can streamline inventory management processes, improve accuracy and reduce the errors associated with manual tracking.

Innovative warehouse solutions for the digital retailer

PALLITE® PIX® is a lightweight and durable cardboard-based storage system designed to improve warehouse operations and efficiencies. While it primarily serves as a physical storage solution, it can also help online retailers move towards digital initiatives.

  • Barcode integration: PALLITE® PIX® cardboard storage units can incorporate barcode technology, so that retailers can track and manage inventory digitally. Each cardboard storage unit can be assigned a unique barcode that can be scanned and linked to relevant product information.
  • Real time inventory management:  PALLITE® PIX® solutions can integrate with warehouse management solutions so retailers can gain real-time visibility, and a comprehensive view of inventory status, allowing them to respond promptly to inventory discrepancies or shortages.

PIX® solutions: Enabling online retailers to step up their warehouse operations

PALLITE® PIX®products are already helping leading online retailers like Trendhim meet the increasing pressures of ecommerce inventory management. By replacing their traditional storage systems with Pix cardboard solutions they’ve been able to improve pick efficiencies, reduce walk sequences and increase their ROI.

Preparing for the future of digitalised retail

Warehouse digitisation is enabling retailers to make informed decisions around their inventory management, pricing strategies and supply chain optimisation. Through the use of sophisticated inventory management systems retailers can now track stock levels in real-time, replenish stock automatically, and optimise their warehouse operations.

PALLITE® PIX® storage solutions allow online retailers to organise inventory more efficiently They also help to improve processes including order picking, whilst maximising the use of space in the warehouse. Pix storage systems also integrate with digital warehouse solutions thereby enhancing the control of data within the warehouse environment, allowing retailers to make more informed decisions and optimise their operations.

Are your current warehouse storage solutions letting you down? Then call us today to find out more about PIX products and how they could revolutionise the way you organise your warehouse storage. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective and fuss-free PIX products are compared with traditional warehouse storage systems too.

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