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The Benefits of Quick-Setup High Density Warehouse Storage


Efficient storage solutions allow businesses to streamline their operations, make the best use of space, and keep customers happy. Using high density storage systems in a warehouse, for example vertical racking or mezzanine floors, can provide a good way to free up previously redundant space. This allows  companies to accommodate the largest volumes of items, without having to expand their physical footprint.

High density warehouse storage solutions eliminate the need to acquire further facilities or maintain them. They can also lower labour costs by minimising the time and effort required for product retrieval – whilst boosting overall operational efficiencies. High density storage systems also allow organisations to organise and track inventory more effectively, thereby reducing the risk of goods being misplaced or lost. This results in greater order accuracy and minimises stockouts –  which ultimately leads to improvements in customer service.

Challenges in high-density warehouse storage

Despite their benefits, rigid warehouse racking shelving systems can be costly to set up, and often require specialist manpower and equipment to assemble and disassemble them. Modifications to infrastructure may also be required, something that smaller businesses will find too costly.

High density storage solutions can also be inflexible and unscalable, and lack the ability to adapt to changing inventory profiles or product sizes.

Why PALLITE®PIX® systems are ideal for high density warehouse storage

PALLITE® PIX® high density storage solutions overcome many of the challenges presented by traditional high density storage solutions. They’re lightweight, and easy to both handle and install, so there’s no need to hire in specialist contractors or expensive equipment to set them up or take them down. They’re also fully customisable to suit the needs of all kinds of high density storage needs.

Although PALLITE®PIX® bins are made of cardboard – which makes them extremely lightweight and transportable – they’re tough and durable too, and provide a long-lasting solution.  Bins and slots are not made from ordinary corrugated cardboard, they’re manufactured using honeycomb technology which gives them a unique resilience and durability. Honeycomb technology draws inspiration from the hexagonal structures within beehives that despite their light weight, have special weight-loading capacities.

This ensures that each product, no matter how fragile, is stored safely and securely within its own bin, protected from the risks of damage from accidental handling, or jostling with other items.

PALLITE® PIX® high density warehouse storage systems are sustainable and eco-friendly. As a cardboard-based storage solution you can achieve efficient high density storage and meet your sustainability goals. PIX®  products are made from mostly renewable materials and can be recycled after use, helping to conserve resources on all fronts.

Maximising warehouse space with PALLITE® PIX® racking

PALLITE® PIX® systems offer fully customisable racking options for high density storage. So if you regularly deal with oversized or irregularly shaped items, or items with specific height or width requirements. PALLITE® PIX® can be designed to accommodate them perfectly, thus eliminating wasted space and allowing you to maximise your storage capacity.

The modular nature of the cardboard units makes adjusting and reconfiguring units easy, so whether your product mix is changing, you’re experiencing rapid growth, or facing seasonal fluctuations, PALLITE® PIX® can adapt to your evolving requirements.

PALLITE® PIX® also offers a scalable solution – as your inventory grows you can seamlessly add to or reposition modules to scale up your storage capacity to meet growing demands without any disruption or excessive cost.

While you can create an efficient high density storage solution using our standard bins and slots, we can also create a fully bespoke storage system for you. Our state-of-the-art design capabilities including software modelling techniques can help us develop a tailored solution that will help ensure you have a perfect fit for every item. We can also help you create a solution that integrates perfectly with your current racking systems.

Slots aisle in warehouse racking

High density storage ideas and solutions

PALLITE® PIX® offers you the opportunity to customise the appearance of your storage system and enhance your brand identity, as well as facilitate more efficient product identification. By using unique logos, colours, labels or SKUs on Pix modules you can create the ultimate cohesive storage solution and simplify your retrieval process, as well as streamline your inventory management.

We’ve helped lots of businesses revolutionise their high density storage including leading water technology company Best Water Technology (BWT). They wanted to create a more efficient warehouse design and achieve their sustainability goals, so PALLITE® worked with them to create a bespoke solution that replaced their previous pallets with PIX® SLOTS storage bins. Their new efficient PIX®  based storage system was constructed in just 2.5 hours.

Bespoke high density storage systems for any business need

PALLITE® PIX® storage solutions can integrate with your existing warehouse infrastructure. The modular design and compatibility with standard racking systems means you can incorporate PALLITE® PIX® into your current set-up without having to make any big modifications. This ensures you can make a smooth transition to high density storage whilst making use of your current resources.

Discover the benefits of PALLITE® PIX® high density storage solutions

PALLITE® PIX® high density storage solutions are a breakthrough in customised warehousing. From flexibility to scalability and integration, using PALLITE® PIX® products means you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint.

If you’re ready to take the next step when it comes to unlocking the potential of your storage capabilities, get in touch today and we’ll talk you through the options – or help you create a bespoke solution that won’t break the budget.


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