ecolite Sustainable carton liner

A cost effective and sustainable alternative

Say goodbye to Single use Plastic Packaging Tax, our range sustainable honeycomb paper void fill and protective packaging, EcoLITE, offers businesses a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to plastic packaging.

PALLITE® can provide a packaging solution specific to your product requirements, whether it be our easy to tear off honeycomb cardboard pads for void fill, corner protectors, box liners or a tailor-made protective packaging design, our UK based manufacturing facility has the capabilities to respond quickly to your needs.

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honeycomb sustainable paper cardboard product packaging void

Simple and effective packaging options

Replace polystyrene and foam void fill with EcoLITE’s simple and effective packaging options and by doing so, help to reduce your carbon footprint, eliminate waste and become more circular.

Light-weight and often superior in functionality when compared to alternative packaging solutions, our innovative honeycomb paper cardboard draws its strength from the same honeycomb cell technology that features in all our high-quality, paper-based products. Space-efficient, and pound-for-pound stronger than steel, the perfect material to protect and cushion your products.


A Paper and Packaging Board (PPB) survey found 71% were more likely to buy from brands that packaged their products in paper or cardboard.

The ‘unboxing’ trend on social media is testament to the power of paper-based packaging to create a positive user experience equivalent to the pleasure gained from shopping in-store.

ecolite Sustainable packaging box liners


Protect your products and decrease the potential for damage with custom honeycomb cardboard liners for boxes. Keep your products free from contamination with box liners cut to your requirements. PALLITE® offers bulk custom box liners for all your shipping and packaging needs. Contact us to discuss your carton liner needs.

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fragile product protection


Our purpose built slitter machine has the capabilities to produce a variety of easy to cut and supply packaging solutions to short lead times including:-

- Planks
- Tear off planks
- Pads
- Tear off pads
- Carton liners
- 100mm Bearers

Large car parts sustianable protective packaging


According to industry research, rightsizing typically reduces package sizes by 40 percent.

This translates to less warehouse space for storing goods, lower dimensional weight that leads to reduced shipping costs, and a smaller pallet footprint. As for that pallet footprint, this also means a lower carbon footprint too: If all businesses reduced the overall size of their packaging, we would see millions of fewer lorries on the roads each year.

Our inhouse team of designers work with customers to design bespoke EcoLITE packaging solutions specific to a products dimensions and shipping requirements. From industrial components to expensive car parts, we have the engineering professionals on hand to ensure your products are protected from damage and movement during transit.

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EcoLITE has been designed to fit within a circular economy.
‘Circular design is about creating products and services that no longer have a lifecycle with a beginning, a middle and an end. The purpose is to design products that can be made to be made again. There will be as a result less waste and more value added to the ecosystem.’

Tim Brown | ideo.com

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