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The impact that sustainable shipping crates can have on your business

half euro sized shipping crate

Government climate policy undoubtably plays an essential role in helping to reduce global carbon emissions. Businesses, however, have an equally crucial part to play in the move towards Net Zero. Most companies are now taking their role seriously, with 94% of transportation executives saying cutting emissions was a top priority for 2024.

In this post we’ll see that while there are multiple routes to decarbonisation, one quick and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint in the near term, is to switch to environmental packaging solutions.

bespoke shipping box

Switching to PALLITE®’s custom shipping crates is a win-win

By switching to PALLITE® shipping crates you can reduce your carbon emissions, whilst simultaneously enhancing your brand image, and making significant cost savings.

Let’s look in more detail at the benefits of moving to PALLITE®’s green shipping crates.

  • ISPM 15 exemption: By opting for PALLITE® shipping crates you can streamline your international shipping processes, since our paper-based crates bypass the regulations and treatments required for traditional wooden crates.
  • Lighter than timber crates: Each PALLITE® shipping crate weighs in at just 12.4kg making them up to 83% lighter than conventional wooden crates. This reduces overall shipping weights considerably, and lowers CO2 emissions.
  • Seamless integration: PALLITE®’s custom-made environmental packaging, including CNC inserts and void fill, integrate seamlessly with our cardboard crates, for an even more effective packaging solution. Our bespoke inserts ensure items stay snug, secure, and immune from vibrations.
  • Green shipping: PALLITE® products are made from sustainable sources, and are 100% recyclable once they reach end of life. This helps to reduce your carbon footprint and keep harmful materials out of landfills.
  • Super-strong: PALLITE®’s environmental packaging solutions are made from strong honeycomb cardboard, to ensure goods are kept safe, and secure, during the shipping process. A standard PALLITE® shipping crate can hold up to 750kg, and when stacked, up to 500kg. PALLITE® shipping crates are also long lasting, resistant to moisture and pests, and require no ongoing maintenance or treatments.
  • Fully customisable: PALLITE® can manufacture custom boxes and inserts right here in the UK, maximising space in shipments, and lowering shipping costs since you can ship more products on each load.
  • Easy to assemble: PALLITE® crates require no specialist tools or nails to assemble them, making them quick to incorporate into your production processes. Our shipping boxes are also safer for staff to handle.
  • Suitable for sensitive and high value items: PALLITE® green shipping containers are ideal for industries that require strict control over packaging materials, ensuring items maintain their integrity, and avoid contamination risks.
  • Boxes are fully collapsible: PALLITE® custom boxes can be stored away when not needed, saving precious warehouse space.

3 x use-case scenarios: How PALLITE®’s custom boxes are helping companies go greener

Let’s move on to find out what success with PALLITE® packaging looks like for some of our customers. We’ll reveal how PALLITE® created tailormade shipping solutions for companies in the automotive, engineering, and medical sectors.

1 Client in the automotive industry

The problem: PALLITE® Group recently partnered with an automotive company that manufactures high value brake rotors, and distributes them worldwide. The company dispatches over £100K worth of brake rotors per shipment, but they were finding that their products were arriving in poor condition.

Solution: To help them solve this problem, PALLITE® created specialised shipping crates, and custom CNC inserts, based on the clients’ own product designs, and specifications.

Result: The automotive company can now ship their products in full confidence that their shipments will arrive intact. Furthermore, by switching to PALLITE®’s lightweight custom boxes, they managed to reduce their shipping costs, and avoid the regulations associated with the heat-treated timber options they were using previously.

PALLITE automotive shipping crate

2 High value goods client in the medical industry

The problem:  PALLITE® Group worked with a company that produced sensitive monitoring equipment. This company was keen to move to a more sustainable shipping solution for their high-value goods. They were currently using corrugated boxes, filled with non-recyclable expanding foam.

Solution: PALLITE® presented them with the option of using sustainable shipping crates and packaging materials. PALLITE® then created custom boxes that ensured their customers’ products were completely secured, using the base and lid of the box to support the product.

Result: By making the switch to PALLITE® products, this company was able to achieve their sustainability targets, and ship their products without the need for toxic void fill.

Custom shipping crate for fragile products

3 Client in the engineering sector

The problem: PALLITE® Group recently created custom shipping crates for a company that shipped high-value tooling equipment. This company wanted to improve their efficiencies and move away from the non-sustainable options they were presently using.

Solution: As in the previous two case studies, PALLITE® were able to create a bespoke design for this client, based on the product dimensions provided by them. By working to their specifications, PALLITE® designed custom boxes that could hold 20 units per shipping crate and had an average weight of just 7kg per product.

Result: Due to the lightweight nature of their new shipping crates, the client not only managed to boost efficiencies, and reduce costs, but improve their carbon footprint.

PALLITE: Environmental packaging & shipping solutions

Nowadays you can’t afford to overlook the type of packaging solutions you opt for; hopefully the preceding case studies have helped to demonstrate the value using PALLITE®’s green shipping crates.

If you feel it’s time to switch to a robust, lightweight, custom-fit packaging solution please get in touch with us right away, for a friendly discussion about your options.

Customer Case Studies


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