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PALLITE® layer pads tried and tested

Sustainable recyclable reusable layer board in situ

Layer pads in one form or another have been around for many years, and their use is becoming more widespread across logistics operations. But what are the options that are out there, and what makes PALLITE® layer pads a good choice for forward-thinking businesses keen to reduce costs and improve their sustainability credentials?

Read on to find out…

What are layer pads?

Layer pads, layer boards or slip sheets can be sheets of honeycomb paper cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic, wood or polystyrene that are placed between layers of stacked products to divide and protect them.

Layer pads can be used inside boxes to divide layers of stacked products or in larger form, between products stacked on a pallet which are usually then wrapped to aid stability. In certain circumstances, layer pads can even be used to replace pallets entirely, enabling businesses to save weight when transporting their products.

The layer pad disperses the weight of the upper layer of products evenly across the load, helping to prevent product damage and adding stability during transit. In a box application, the top layer pad also offers additional product protection from a safety knife blade when box tape is being cut at a consignment’s destination.

About PALLITE®’s layer pads

PALLITE® layer pads are made from the same paper honeycomb cardboard as all our products.

Light in weight, the honeycomb structure within the board adds increased rigidity and strength.

100% recyclable after use.

Available in 15mm and 25mm depths as standard, layer pads can be easily cut to size to suit customer and product requirements. Bespoke layer pads can be provided on request (minimum order quantities apply).

PALLITE® layer pad uses:

Our layer pads have multiple uses, which include:

  • Providing protection between layers of product during transit or in storage.
  • Improving pallet stability, reducing the safety risk when transporting loose loads of irregular-sized products.
  • Preventing loads from tipping by helping ensure even weight distribution.
  • Enabling heavier goods to be double stacked, whether on pallets or another surface, without risking damage to the bottom layer of products.
  • Acting as pallet topper boards, providing a flat surface on which to double stack, and protecting products from dirt and dust.

Why double stack using layer pads?

Double stacking pallets in transit – when done correctly and safely – is a great way to save on transport costs and reduce fuel emissions. The simple addition of layer pads allows for the maximum use of space.

Layer pads provide a flat surface on which to double stack, absorbing vibrations, and evenly distributing the weight of the upper pallet. PALLITE® layer pads can be used in conjunction with our paper pallets and shipping boxes that can be tailored to precisely fit the space available or even – in certain circumstances – without the upper pallet being necessary at all.

Did you know?

By switching to PALLITE®, businesses that usually double stack Euro pallets in a 40ft container can typically transport up to 28.5% more product per shipment.

Why choose PALLITE® layer pads?

PALLITE®’s proprietary paper honeycomb board is stronger than a traditional corrugated cardboard layer pad, more environmentally friendly than plastic – even recycled and biodegradable plastics – more cost effective than MDF layer boards and chipboard layer pads, and better for the environment than polystyrene layer pads.

What’s more, the honeycomb structure inside the board actually offers better product protection, by absorbing vibrations during transportation.

Made from over 85% recycled paper, strong enough to be reused in many circumstances, and 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life, PALLITE® layer pads are a truly sustainable option that is contributing to a more circular economy. Switching to PALLITE® products helps businesses move a step closer to meeting their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint.

PALLITE® layer pads: tried and tested

Our layer pads are used by a wide range of companies to protect and stabilise their products in transit, including customers in the manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, automotive and FMCG industries.

As well as improving safety and reducing product loss, the resulting efficiencies of the introduction of honeycomb cardboard layer pads have also enabled many businesses to multi-stack their products for the first time, maximising the number of products they can ship per consignment and thereby reducing their overall shipping costs.

Manufacturer Torin-Sifan saved around £20,000 by switching from using chipboard layer boards between their electric and battery-powered motors and fans to using PALLITE® layer pads.

The company came to us looking for a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to their existing layer board that was lighter in weight and yet still strong enough to hold up under the weight of its products.

Switching to our paper honeycomb cardboard layer pads enabled them to improve their sustainability but also save them money. Cheaper than the previously used chipboard layer pads and considerably lighter in weight, reducing their vehicle fuel consumption.

“It was a smooth transition to PALLITE® and they provided us with the ideal layer pad solution.”


Find out more: Read the full case study here.

To find out more about our layer pads, or any other PALLITE® products, you can check out our logistics range here or give our team a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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