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Know your packaging

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Protection, Planet, Price – Key Factors to Packaging

When it comes to packaging, we know our onions, as the saying goes.

As a business providing sustainable transit packaging solutions to organisations large and small all around the world, we credit our success to the fact we have managed to combine in our products what we consider to be the three top requirements of modern packaging – what we call the 3 ‘P’s.

These are:

  • Protection
  • Planet
  • Price

Read on to find out more…

Know your packaging #1 Protection

The primary purpose of transit packaging is to protect and preserve products throughout their supply chain journey.

With the best will in the world, loads can be bumped, knocked and dropped during their journey to and from the warehouse.

Good transit packaging provides interior products with a protective shield against these impacts, cushioning them from being dented or otherwise damaged in any way. It also keeps out dust and dirt, stopping them from becoming contaminated.

At PALLITE® Group, all our products are constructed from an innovative paper honeycomb cardboard. Inspired by nature’s design, the honeycomb layer adds rigidity to the board, allowing it to offer impressive durability, strength and cushioning protection.

Honeycomb shapes are a recognised construction technology found in many of the everyday products we use at home and at work. In particular, they may be found inside furniture and inside the interior panels of vehicles, where their high strength-to-material weight/volume ratio makes them a go-to choice time and time again.

Know your packaging #2 Planet

As time goes on, everyday consumers are becoming more and more knowledgeable about issues surrounding the environmental impact of their actions and the actions of the businesses they work for and buy from.

Governments worldwide, too, are starting to legislate in this area, driving towards zero waste economies and net zero.

This dual focus means businesses are under pressure to improve the environmental credentials of their products and operations.

In packaging, this means non-recyclables are out, and circular solutions are very much in.

The likes of plastic wrap, polystyrene and foam pollute the environment with harmful emissions during their production and at end of life. Most plastics cannot be recycled and do not biodegrade, meaning more than 90% of the plastics the world has ever produced remain in the environment in some form to this day. Plastics production is also oil and gas intensive, meaning it contributes to the depletion of the earth’s natural resources.

The best packaging solutions are those that cause no harm to the environment during production, use, or at end of life. Hence the rise in popularity of sustainable packaging solutions fit for a circular economy, like those we manufacture here at PALLITE® Group.

In a circular economy, nothing is wasted. Materials are re-used over and over again in a continuous cycle, re-entering the economy at the end of their use by being maintained, shared, reused, repaired, refurbished, remanufactured or – as a last resort – being recycled. Organic materials are turned into valuable nutrients through biological processes like composting and anaerobic digestion and used to help regenerate the land to grow more food or renewable materials like cotton and wood.

Circular products are designed with these processes in mind, and made from materials that are easy to separate.

At PALLITE® Group, all our products are made entirely from just two materials: responsibly sourced recycled paper, and PVA glue. They are also 100% recyclable after use.

Paper is the most widely recycled material in the world, and can be pulped and made into fresh recycled paper and cardboard products over and over again without any loss of strength. It is also completely and safely biodegradable.

In the event any of our products are mistakenly sent to landfill, they will break down quickly and completely into the soil, causing no harm and leaving no trace.

Know your packaging #3 Price

Protective, planet-friendly packaging may be the goal, but that goal would be out of reach if the cost of such solutions was prohibitive to encouraging their use.

Fortunately, at PALLITE® Group, our sustainable protective packaging solutions represent a cost-effective choice for businesses that choose to use them. Incredibly lightweight, with space-saving strength drawn from the honeycomb design of the paper board they are made from, the resulting weight savings contribute to lower shipping costs, including savings on fuel when travelling by road and the overall cost of freighting by air.

Our extensive manufacturing facilities and the abundance and reliability of supply of recycled paper as a raw material means we can also provide bespoke designs to short lead times, enabling packaging right-sizing.

Smaller package sizes take up less space in warehouses, enabling businesses to store more product. What’s more, reducing the amount of air or filler product businesses are paying to transport per package means a higher number of packages may be transported per container, increasing profit margins.

The future of packaging with PALLITE® Group

Our EcoLITE paper honeycomb cardboard is a cost-effective, planet-friendly alternative to polystyrene, foam and plastic wrap packaging for use as box liners, edge and corner protection, bearers, void filler, and in the manufacture of custom packaging inserts to securely locate and encase products in transit.

Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, EcoLITE can be provided on pallets by the sheet and torn or cut to size as needed, or pre-cut to bespoke designs.

Used in conjunction with the other paper packaging products in our range – including paper pallets, shipping boxes and layer pads – EcoLITE offers businesses a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly way to transport their products, safe in the knowledge they will be protected during their journey.

Find out more about how switching to EcoLITE could benefit your business: Get in touch.


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