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8 stand-out reasons to choose PIX

Warehouse shelving

Running an efficient warehouse is all about being organised, and being organised starts with having a properly arranged, well-kept physical space in which to work.

The warehouse shelving you choose can make a huge difference to how much stock you can hold at any one time, how quickly you can pick, pack and dispatch orders, and to the health and happiness of your workers.

The Pallite ® PIX® warehouse shelving units offer huge benefits such as flexibility to enhance warehouse organisation, to maximise warehouse space.

Here are  eight reasons why PIX® stands out from the crowd.

Reasons to choose PALLITE® PIX® over other warehouse storage solutions


#1 Designed for the job

PIX® wasn’t a product we just dreamed up one day. It started with a problem – a real world problem we kept hearing about time and time again from warehouse operators. They needed a better small parts storage solution – one that would make best use of space, offer flexibility, and improve efficiency.

Using our low-impact, future-focused materials – recycled paper and biodegradable PVA glue – to make other products, we knew that the strength-to-weight ratio of the honeycomb technology contained in our signature paper cardboard could be used to advantage to create something that would really make a difference to the successful operation and future capability of warehouses.

Since the original PIX® was introduced, we’ve also reacted to customer demand for both lighter weight and heavy duty storage bin solutions, as well as introduced an option of rearwards-angled shelves to better contain lightweight, slippery items, such as those wrapped in plastic bags.

Introducing PIX® SLOTS Angled: Discover the innovation

#2 Flexible

PIX® units may be supplied with anything from four to 400 individual storage bins, the dimensions of which can be altered quickly and easily thanks to shelves and dividing walls that simply slot in and out of the unit. What’s more, additional cardboard multipliers may be added to further sub-divide compartments into two, three or four smaller storage spaces.

This flexibility of design allows individual pick bins to be sized to suit different products, enabling more secure product retention, and facilitating easier picking.

#3 Stronger and more durable than other cardboard storage solutions.

While other cardboard shelving systems may only be used to store lightweight SKUs, our standard PIX® units can hold up to 500kg with ease, whilst our PIX® SLOTS units hold up to 300kg. The PIX® XL Bin Box is an even heavier duty option, capable of storing up to 25kg per individual pick bin.

What’s more, the honeycomb structure at the core of our signature paper cardboard means it is incredibly robust, able to withstand the rigours of normal warehouse activity without denting, buckling, or crushing.

#4 Space-saving

Our PIX® pick faces are designed to consolidate multiple pick locations into a single pallet footprint.

By following the principles of good warehouse design, operators benefit from having small-to-medium-sized, relatively fast-moving goods conveniently located close together for ease of picking, with each securely housed and easily identifiable. Freeing up space where previously items were picked from pallet locations, allowing for additional storage capacity. Meanwhile, slow moving SKUs and overstock can be stored on pallets overhead, out of the way.

#5 Sustainable

In line with the ethos on which we have built our business, all PALLITE® products – including PIX® – are 100% recyclable at the kerbside at end of life and completely biodegradable. In the event any part of one of our products was mistakenly sent to landfill, it would break down quickly into the soil without causing any harm.

Using recycled paper rather than virgin paper in manufacture requires 65% less energy and results in a 35% reduction in water pollution and a huge 74% reduction in air pollution.

By using recycled paper to make PIX® and ensuring units are 100% recyclable after use, we have created products that have minimal impact on people and planet and are fit for the circular economy.

Find out more: Discover what is meant by sustainable design.

#6 Customisable

The PIX® range contains double-sided units designed as stand-alone warehouse shelving, as well as single-sided storage bins that may be slotted into existing pallet racking bays. We also manufacture pick bins designed to sit atop pallet racking.

Where customers have very specific requirements, bespoke PIX® units can be made at a comparatively low cost and to quick turnaround times, thanks to the simple design and engineering at the heart of the product.

#7 Quick to install

Due to our extensive, in-house manufacturing facilities and the fact we use a raw material in construction that is available in abundance at a steady price all year round, we deliver all our products – including our full range of PIX® warehouse storage solutions – to lead times that are much shorter than those for equivalent wooden or metal racking.

Our PIX® warehouse units are also designed for easy assemble. They come flat-packed and slot together in minutes, without the need for any tools, fixings or prior experience.

It really is that easy: Watch this video to see the team at Best Water Technology (BWT) building 630 PIX® SLOTS units in just two-and-a-half hours.

#8 Lightweight

PIX® warehouse storage solutions are so lightweight that entire units can be safely and securely picked up and moved by forklift or pallet truck whenever required, even if they are fully loaded.

This may be particularly useful in reverse logistics operations, as it means customer returns can be sorted and re-packed in the rework area, and a full unit of inventory ready for re-sale then lifted back into the picking and packing area.

Discover the best PALLITE® PIX® solution for your needs.

To find out more about PALLITE® PIX® sustainable warehouse storage solutions, you can view our dedicated webpages or give our team a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.



1. What makes PIX the best fit for warehouse storage solutions? PIX offers a unique combination of features that make it highly suitable for warehouse storage. Its modular design allows for flexible configuration and customisation, ensuring optimal utilisation of available space. Additionally, PIX is lightweight yet durable, providing strength and stability for storing various items. Its versatility and compatibility with automated systems further enhance its value as a warehouse storage solution.
2. How does PIX address the specific needs and challenges of warehouse storage? PIX addresses the challenges of warehouse storage by offering a space-saving design that maximises storage capacity. Its modular nature allows for easy expansion or reconfiguration as storage needs change. PIX also provides excellent accessibility to stored items with clear visibility and easy reach, improving efficiency in picking and inventory management processes. Furthermore, its lightweight construction reduces the risk of injuries associated with heavy lifting.
3. Can you provide examples of businesses that have implemented PIX for their warehouse storage and the improvements they have achieved? Several businesses have successfully implemented PIX for their warehouse storage needs. all available in our case studies section. These examples demonstrate the tangible benefits of using PIX for warehouse storage.
4. What factors should businesses consider when determining if PIX is the best fit for their warehouse storage requirements? Businesses should consider several factors when evaluating PIX for their warehouse storage needs. These include the available space in their facility, the types and sizes of items to be stored, the potential for future growth or reconfiguration, and the compatibility with existing warehouse systems. Additionally, cost, durability, ease of installation, and maintenance requirements should be taken into account. Conducting a thorough assessment of these factors will help determine if PIX is the best fit for a specific warehouse storage requirement.
5. Is there any supporting data or case studies available to demonstrate the superiority of PIX as the best fit for warehouse storage? Yes, there are case studies and data available here that demonstrate the superiority of PIX as a warehouse storage solution. These real-world examples provide empirical evidence of PIX’s superiority in warehouse storage.


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